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Tomorrow's Bass Boats, Today.

Push to start ignition system, the ALL-NEW Ranger RIDE system - on a new and refined version of the legendary "C" hull? We're talking about the latest bass boats of the Z Comanche R Series; the next chapter in Ranger innovation.

Boat Financing Basics

Shopping  for and pricing your dream boat? Avoid anxiety on the showroom floor by understanding  the basics and planning your financing needs.

Improve performance

Feel like there's more in your boat than what you're getting? Take a look to see about ways to ensure you're set up properly.

No rod, no problem

Whether you're looking to expand your angling horizons or simply put meat in the boat, check out these rod and reel alternatives.

Boating etiquette

On the ramp, on the water and at the marina, there are unwritten rules that keep everyone sane. Read along to stay out of trouble.

All about batteries!

Most boats have 'em, and many have more than one. But which type is right for you? Here we demystify the voodoo behind the different kinds of batteries.

Salty summer favorites

Summer is here, and the bite is hot! These species should be at the top of your hit list right now.

Boating First-Aid

There are those who have been hooked, and those who haven't been hooked yet. Be ready for this inevitability and more with the right kit.

Choose the right prop

Choosing a prop can be overwhelming, but taking into account a few key factors will get you dialed in for the best all-around performance.

Trolling options

Trolling motors are more advanced than ever these days, with GPS- and autopilot-enhanced units. So, which one is right for you?

What's that buoy?

Most all waterways have navigation and marker buoys, and they're there for a reason. But, do you know what the reasons are? You should.

Water words

Athwart? Aweigh? Mooring? No, these aren't Pacific islands, they're nautical terms. These salty words are worth knowing. 

Fishing with Kids

Sharing your love of fishing is paramount to guarantee future generations of anglers, and ensuring the day is full of fun is key to success.

Boat care tips

A washdown is always a good idea, but here we talk about taking care of your whole boat, including protecting it from UV rays to keep it shining.

care for your catch

You've put together a winning stringer, now ensure they survive through weigh-in and beyond, to be released and caught another day.

Tournament etiquette

When money is one the line, things can get tense. Adhere to these understood rules and be successful even if you don't win.

Get ready for spring!

You're ready for spring, but is your boat? Follow this proven advice to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Easy boat fixes

Carpet, trim and upholstery are all subject to wear and tear, but they're also readily able to be fixed. 

Trailer upkeep made easy

The unsung hero of your rig, the trailer, is subjected to worlds of abuse, both on-road and off. Keep it in top form with this advice.

Recycling Christmas Trees

Santa has come and gone, and the old tree needs to be dealt with. But don't take it to the curb, take it to the lake and make your own cover!

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