Z Comanche R Series

Tomorrow's Bass Boat, Today.

From our humble and legendary beginning, we still hold one benchmark in the highest regard for everything we do—superior quality. This passion for perfection is why we’ve enjoyed 55 years of setting the quality standard, and it’s as alive today as ever, meshing with ceaseless innovation that has yielded the next generation of Ranger bass boats: The all-new R Series.

The R Series is just the beginning of the next chapter in our storied legacy that began in Flippin, Ark. What stands out most about the R boats is the amount of cutting-edge and industry-leading technology rolled into every boat, bow to stern, hull to top cap.


Z520R Casting Deck

The R Advantage

Legendary Hull with a Modern Makeover

The hulls beneath the R Series are based on the Z500c Comanche boats, some of our most successful and highly acclaimed models. The original “C” hull was carefully handcrafted for the perfect blend of on-plane and on-the-trolling-motor performance. Nationwide tournament wins and the widespread proliferation of “C boats” backup up this claim. However, like anything handmade, it had minor imperfections. Our engineering team digitally scanned this “C” hull and perfected the flaws, resulting in what can be dubbed the “R” hull.

NEW Stringer System - More Backbone, More Storage

The revolutionary stringer inside the R boats features improved lateral and medial strength delivered by way of three vertical walls, whereas previous iterations only had two. This offers more underfoot rigidity and enhanced One-Piece Feel Construction™.

While the stringer itself doesn’t have storage inside it, a deeper valley between the port and starboard elements expanded space along the centerline of the boat, which results in a deeper center rod box and cooler. Encapsulating these enlarged compartments and filling the voids in the stringer valley—and every cavity of the hull—is a wealth of our signature foam flotation.

NEW Ranger RIDE System

The RIDE (Ranger Intelligent Display Engine) debuted on the FS PRO line of Deep V boats and is standard on every R boat. This 9” touchscreen lets you control and monitor every critical part of your boat and engine. The home screen displays RPMs, speed, trim and jackplate and more while inside the menus control everything from livewells, interior lighting, stereo, heading, and the Power Ventilation Rod Storage System™ (PVRS™) fans among others. Adding RIDE as standard truly is a quantum leap in bass boat technology.

Z520R Open Overhead
bass boat key, best bass boat

security key fob

Each R boat comes with its own unique key fob that enhances convenience and security. Much like a keyless ignition in a vehicle, your boat will not start unless the fob is within a proximity range. This is helpful when you want to turn the power on quickly to motor to your next spot or when you park at a hotel overnight. Simply take the fob in with you and the boat will not start—even if it’s stolen.

electronics, fish finders, livetarget fish finder

Quad Graph Capability

Today’s electronics are best utilized with big screens, often in tandem with a complementary sonar unit. This means at the helm you can have GPS waypoints on one graph and forward- or side-scanning on the other—no more split screens. At the bow, many anglers opt to dedicate one unit to forward-looking sonar and another to a traditional 2D view for the utmost in fishfinding power. Ranger lets you mount two 12” units side-by-side with an unobstructed view.

bass boat seats, bass boat seating

New performance seating

Both the driver and passenger seats have been totally reimagined with maximum comfort and durability in mind. A fiberglass shellback provides functional style while side bolsters keep you put in turns and rough water. Both seats are on slides with Ranger’s spring-loaded SRS™ Soft-Ride Seating.

boat batteries, lithium battery, lithium batteries

Lithium Batteries

As lithium technology advances and becomes more readily available, Ranger is there on the cutting edge adding two lithium batteries standard in every R boat. The benefits of lithium are well known, but they are only recently gaining widespread use. Lithium batteries offer significant weight savings, a seemingly endless discharge cycle and a lifespan much longer than lead-acid or AGM units.

boat storage box, boat lighting, boat LED

New Storage & Lighting

Inside the port and center rod boxes lie next-generation space and convenience. The port rod box can carry sticks up to 9’ long with a tiered shelf system that holds more than ever. The center box is the deepest we’ve ever had on a bass boat. It  can be tailored in a multitude of ways for your perfect storage solution. Open any front deck box and brilliant LEDs instantly light up the contents for clear, easy rigging before dawn or after dusk.

bass boat console, dual console bass boat

Removable Dual Console

No longer do you need to agonize over whether to get a dual- or single-console rig; now you can get both. Order your boat with both or get a single and then enjoy the option of adding a passenger console later. (Driver's shown.)

bass boat trim switch, bass boat parts

bigger bow trim buttons

How do you enhance bow trim buttons? By listenting to angler pain points. Until now, trim buttons at the bow have been undersized and a hassle to activate. The R boats offer huge, hard-to-miss buttons that you can easily step on with a sneaker or toe, lifting the outboard from the forward deck easier than ever.

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Z520R Ranger Cup

Z521R Ranger Cup

Z520R 55th Anniversary

Z521R 55th Anniversary

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