Ranger Five Star Advantage

The Ranger Five Star Advantage

Quality. Performance. Innovation. Safety. Resale.

At Ranger Boats, we don’t compromise. We’re committed to building the best boats on the market, and there’s no room for anything less than perfection. That’s why we back every Ranger Boat with an unconditional Five Star Advantage. We offer the best Quality boats with the highest level of total Performance through relentless Innovation incorporating the strictest Safety standards, all of which give you the greatest Resale value of any boat brand. Period.

Ranger Boats. We Build Success.



Ranger’s quality is hand-laid into every boat by skilled and passionate craftsmen using the highest grade materials. Every detail is sweated and nothing is overlooked so we can offer you the strongest construction warranty available complete with superior fit and finish.



When you want a boat that offers the smoothest and driest ride, rail-like handling and unparalleled performance, all with a one-piece feel, you want a Ranger. We’ve optimized every aspect of our boats to offer you the most well-rounded rig on the water, from your first hole shot and cast to the run back to the dock.



Innovation has been a hallmark of Ranger since our inception. We’ve set the bar on many aspects of boat building in our 50 years, and today the fire to innovate is burning as hot as it was in 1968. Our R&D is ceaseless and our engineers are always thinking forward.



Safety may not be one of your top considerations when buying a boat, but we've made it our when we build them. Our upright, level flotation and purposeful design allow us to exceed the Coast Guard's specifications and give us peace of mind that every Ranger is built with the highest level of concern for our customers' well-being.


Resale Value

You may not ever dream of selling or trading your Ranger, but one day you might. When that day comes, know that with a Ranger you've got the most valuable bargaining chip in your hand and behind your truck. Ranger boats' resale value remains the strongest in the industry — period.

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