Quality Fiberglass Boat Manufacturing

Built with an edge that cuts to the chase

Heritage, passion and pride are built into every Ranger® boat. Each is a testament to our commitment to making the very best product possible. We’ve pioneered many firsts that have become industry standards and have proprietary processes that make Ranger® boats stand tall as the best brand of boats. The foam-filled interior of our fiberglass boats deadens sound for stealth and offers upright, level flotation that exceeds standards mandated by the Coast Guard. Our pultruded transoms and fiberglass stringers are unmatched in strength and offer a one-piece feel found nowhere else.

It’s our unwavering dedication to giving the most skilled craftsmen  the best materials that makes owning a Ranger an unparalleled experience.


Signature Fiberglass Features

  • Hulls are designed and engineered for a noticeably smoother ride and responsive handling
  • Wider beams deliver stability, convenience and confidence
  • Zone-Tempered Fiberglass Layup® use a special woven roving weave along with additional layers of omni-directional fiberglass, chine rope and other custom reinforcement for optimum strength, resilience and confidence
  • Performance-engineered bow contours of our exclusive hull designs push water out and away for an ultra-dry and responsive ride
  •  Rite-Track Keel® design keeps more of the hull in the water while fishing and less of it exposed to the wind. This special feature not only works to minimize lateral drift, but promotes easier trolling and smooth boat maneuverability
  • The Power Ventilation Rod Storage™ system and triple lip seals help keep rods, gear, and boxes free of moisture
  • Unlike others who deliberately choose to leave vast inner hull and deck cavities empty, Ranger adds extra foam to deliver a noticeably stronger, quieter and more solid feeling boat platform.  Hollow hull and deck areas of others create more noise and less structural support
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