Customer Reviews

"Ever since I was a little boy, I fished alongside my father off the coast of Miami, Florida. After 20 years of fishing for yellowtails I still had a love for the water but a sour taste for offshore fishing. In 2008, God blessed me with a baby boy and at the age of two, he casted his first line. I knew it was time to buy a boat. Well, I'm happy to say my son is now turning 7 and both he and his 5 year old sister love to fish and they love their 2310 Bay Ranger.... oh, and so does Dad. Outstanding performance for a bay boat and yes, sometimes we even go offshore for the infamous yellowtail."

Julian C.

Hialeah, FL

"I just purchased my 3rd Ranger Bay Boat. This 2310 is an incredible boat. It's hard to believe that Ranger can improve on a design and layout, but they hit a home run on this one. I'm proud to continue to be a Ranger owner and I look forward to many enjoyable days on the water. As a former Army soldier, I am glad to see Ranger Boats actively and proudly support our American Military!"

Doug P.

Monroe, GA

"I'm 14 and have my boater's license in both Florida and GA. I live to hunt, but I'd die to fish. I love it.Best boat we've ever had and the baddest boat I think we will ever have. I live the salt life and would be out there every day if I could. This boat makes it so roomy for me and my buddy to go out and the storage is awesome. I love my Ranger!"


Dahlonega, GA