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After 24 years of service in the Air Force, I was able to purchase my dream boat.

John P.

This is my 1988 Ranger 396V. Owning a Ranger has been a lifelong dream. I now get to watch my son get hooked on fishing on the boat I have wanted since I was his age. Thank you to everyone at Ranger for your hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence. Update: Repowered with a new Yamaha!

Wayne D.

I purchased a new 2018 VS1682DC. I have used the boat four times in northern Ontario. The boat handles big water with no problem. All my buddies want to fish out of my Ranger because of the ride and comfort!

Mark R.

Ranger: Just wanted to reach out to say you still make the best craft on the water! I received the very first 1850MS to be shipped to the West Cast through Gone Fishing Marine. We are lucky to have ben featured in Boating Magazine and are still making wonderful family memories out here on Clearlake, CA. Our 1850 continues to turn heads at every marina! Thank you for all you do. Here's our 1850MS shining on a very rare calm Clearlake.

Brian M.

Dear Ranger: I just purchases this 2019 Z520L from Pro's Choice Marine. She replaced my 2003 520DVX that I'd had for 15 years. She is a welcome addition to my Ranger family which includes a 2018 RT178, which is at my Missouri farm and a 2014 Phantom and 2008 2300 Bay Ranger at my second home in Florida. Twenty years ago I fished the women's bass tour for Bass Pro. Fishing is in my blood to say the least, and Ranger is the only boat brand I'd own! Thanks for building a great product!

Dr. Jill K.

Michael Duguay bought his son Joshua a Ranger RT188 for his 16th birthday, and the pair are making waves in Massachusetts with it. Michael is especially proud that Joshua volunteered his time to show youngsters how to fish! #RangerPride

Michael D.

I thought I would share with you guys a picture taken of myself in my 1984 Ranger 370V at Pomme de Terre Lake. As you can see, I'm a huge Ranger fan!

Kevin Z.

I'm sending these from a tournament from the Minnesota High School fishing league my son is in. We were in my second-owned 620FS and we absolutely love it.

Jim R.

Whether I'm out with clients, fishing a walleye tournament of just fishing, my Ranger 620FS is a top-notch boot. I can't imagine being out on the water with anything else.

Cory L.

I bought this 1994 374V brand new. I had to put a 150 on it because then it was all they would let you run in the Red Man All-American tournaments. My dealer ordered it for me, it's one of a kind. I've kept it waxed and cleaned and people still ask me if it's a brand new boat! I told my wife if she would let me buy it, it would be the last one I would ever buy. She is passed now, but I've had the boat for 25 years. You may think I have not used it much but this boat has all over the Southeast, even to Texas where I fished Lake Fork. I have never even replaced a fuse in it; it's got the same engine and trolling motor that came with it! Now, if you are young, spend the extra money and buy a Ranger, it's a lifetime boat. Trust me, I am 67 now and should have done it sooner. Thanks Ranger, I am still a happy customer.

Allen R.

I bought this 1989 390V off a kid in Cape Coral, Fla., in 2010. His dad had died and this boat was left to him and it wasn't running. I did a full-blown restore. After about three years the gelcoat started peeling off but I didn't really have the money to do it again. I won many tournaments out of that boat. So finally, we had some extra money and my wife says why don't you get a new one, so I have been contemplating what I should do. It rides great in rough water, like a Cadillac. So, I kept it and restored it. I put on a new trolling motor, electronics and rims.

William U.

Here's our 2006 521. This is our 3rd Ranger and we absolutely love this boat. Not only do we love to fish or just go joyriding whenever we get a chance, but we use the boat to help support our favorite children's hospital, Cook Children's in Fort Worth, Texas. Our non-profit organization, Cara Young Fish For Life Tournaments, holds several annual events to support the hospital, one of them being our teddy bear drive that benefits their Prayer Bear Ministry. We have been able to donate more than 1,000 bears in the last two years. That may sound like a lot, but it's just a drop in the bucket as Cook has given out more than 15,000 bears each year in 2017 and 2018 (that's a lot of kiddos coming into the hospital). These photos were taken at the main entrance of Cook Children's at our 1028 teddy bear delivery.

Steve A.

This is my 1973 Ranger acquired in the mid-1970s by my grandpa, Dean Hayes, from the original owner. It has always been garage-kept. My dad, Jason Bridges, and I bought the boat from my grandpa in May 2017. We use it 2-4 times a month for bass fishing. The boat is all original.

Jaden B.

I currently own the only Ranger VS1882 in Eugene, Ore., or maybe the entire state. I've dreamed of owning a Ranger since age 7 when I would watch "The Fishin' Hole" on TV. I now have a Ranger, Mercury, Winnebago and only fish with Stren line. I am 46 and own this dream machine. I'm very blessed; it's perfect for me.

Shailesh P.

This boat is awesome. I bought it two years ago. While I've had newer bass boats, this one is the best for smooth ride, maneuverability, and handles rough water like a cruise ship. Heck, the original flasher mounted in the dash still works fine. It was originally purchased by a pro bass guy in Ohio then sold to a guy in Pennsylvania. I don't think the guy in PA used it more than six or seven times in 10 or 15 years, so it sat idle quite a bit and is 99% like new. I love it to death and when I use it, which is quite a lot, everyone comes over to look at it and ask what year it is and a ton of other questions. It's a great boat and a good promotion for Ranger!

Ken S.

I spent the week at Mille Lacs in 15 MPH wind all wee, and was so thankful to be in my Ranger Z520. It handles rough water like a champ.

Mark B.

In 2015 we lost our mom to pancreatic cancer. The three of us brothers live far apart and didn't get to spend much time together up to that point. My entire adult life I'd dreamed of owning a Ranger boat. I had fished out of them when I started tournament fishing at age 16. So, with the little bit of money mom left me, I found a Ranger. The only downside was it was in Tampa Bay and I live in Reno, NV. My two brothers and I decided to road trip to Florida and pick up my Ranger 461VS and fish our way back home. It took three days to drive there and we got to fish some amazing places like Okeechobee for the next week. That is a trip we will never forget. I won't own another brand as long as I live! #RangerPride #RangerBoats #ForeverRanger

Josh U.

I'm a first-time Ranger owner and I'm very impressed with my 2360 Bay Ranger. Great boat!

Gary. R