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My new 2014 Z119c

My dealer who by the way is great, Knox Marine in central Ohio, called me and said my boat is in. I have owned a Ranger for 17 years now. When I went into the showroom and saw my new Z119c it actually took my breath away. Knox Marine guys Steve and Mike had that boat so shiney I could see myself in it. Color option A is awesome. Thanks to all of the Ranger group.

--Ronald F.

1983 375V Commanche

Last June I bought this boat from the original owner and I can't tell you how happy I am. 30 years old and this boat is mint. Knowing Ranger Boats, because I was lucky enough to buy one when I was 22 (1600 VIII). I had to sell that boat and regretted it ever since. Now that I have my new (to me) Ranger and it is in great condition with the original motor (150 Johnson V6 - still running) I just wanted to say "I love my Ranger" !!!

--Gary R.


I love my 168 Phantom boat the best ever!!! I bought last year and have a nice experience ...

--Juan Mario P.

373 Model

I have had this boat since 1984 (bought new) it is the smoothest ride of any boat I have been in... My only mistake was not buying a 20 footer with this hull if it was made then. GREAT BOAT!

--Don S.

2013 Z118

I bought my new Z118 150 4 stroke in April and I love it. I have rode in several top brand boats and by far this is the best ride for it size. I love being able to talk to the passenger running down the lake at 55mph. I fish tournaments and I Love It...

--James M.


After having my Z520c for awhile now, I feel this boat is far superior to my last Ranger and I thought it couldn't get any better than that. The ride is awesome in the ruff water and when it comes to fishing there just not any better. The real difference though comes from what you can not see, this boat is solid... Fit and finish, what's more to say than it's a Ranger, nobody comes close. I have had 26 boats and my last 2 were Rangers and will never go back to another brand. There's nothing that can compete with Ranger. Thanks very much for building them so good.

--Bob C.

211VS Review

As a Z520C owner, I've come to expect great things from from Ranger Boats. When I recently got to spend a few days in a 211VS Reata powered by an Evinrude E-TEC 225HO, I expected a boat that was OK at lot's of things and great at none...I was wrong! This boat far exceeded the performance levels I anticipated for fishability, ski ability, as well as just hanging out with friends. What a great boat...quick, stable, well laid out, and just plain fun. Congrats to Ranger on yet another great design!

--Chad L.

2013 Z118 DC

This is my third Ranger and second new ranger. It is amazing the technological changes from 2000 to 2013. One thing all three of my Ranger's have in common are the smooth ride; dependability... and ready to go fishing when you are. The Z118 is like fishing out of the big Rangers with one is powered by a 150 HP motor. Way to go Ranger!

--David W.

RT 178: Thanks Ranger!

A number of years back I bought a used Cherokee 106. One of the best aluminum boats I'd been in. Love that boat but was looking for something bigger with underdeck rod storage, more tackle storage room and an improved livewll. Was close to pulling the trigger more than once on some 'other' boats.

When I heard rumors that Ranger was going to start making aluminums again, I was very excited. Initially it was hard to get enough information and detail but I kept at it.

Ran my RT 178 w/75 Opti a lot this summer. This is an awesome boat. Thanks Ranger for recognizing that there are a lot of us out here who wanted most of the storage, space available on glass, just in an aluminum package. The 'lateral stability' of this boat is phenomenal and it's quick to pop up on plane. I've fished tournaments through the summer months and the 30-gallon livewell has never let me down.

--Kurt B.

Loving My Ranger 188vs

My buddy was upgrading and I bought his pristine 2006 188VS in July. I was preparing to buy a new boat boat of another brand. This 2006 Ranger has a smoother rough water ride and has a better layout that the brand new 19ft boat I was ready to buy. Every time I am on the lake I get compliments from other anglers who can't believe the boat is 7 years old. The 150 Yamaha 150vmax pushes this heavy rig with 2 anglers and loaded live wells at 59mph. Our last club tournament my co angler is owner of a 19ft bass boat from another major manufacturer. We had high winds on Lake Norman and our honey hole was 14 miles from our launch site. He couldn't believe how smooth a ride we had and had to admit his boat would have provided a very rough ride.

--Carl R.


The Z521C is an engineering masterpiece… form, fit, finish and safety are unmatched. The most beautiful Ranger boat I’ve ever owned. Everything a fisherman would want in a boat the Z521C has it and more. The attention to detail is remarkable! What makes this Z521C special are the new bow lights built into the fiberglass, remote plug, oversized tires and chrome wheels on the trailer, giant glove box, ventilated rod storage system and new wider redesigned front deck and hull. This boat is a head-turner from bow to stern. Don’t know how the Ranger design team keeps coming up with innovative, functional and appealing designs year after year, but this new 2014 Z521C is the epitome of beauty and flawless design.

--Tom M.

My Z118

I purchased my new Z118 with an Evinrude Etec 150HO this summer from Portland Yacht Services and I could not be happier. The guys at Portland Yacht went above and beyond to make my dream of owning a Ranger come true. I have waited to post my review of it because quite honestly I was spending all my free time enjoying my new Ranger. All I can say is that the Ranger legend is not a myth and the boat is more than I had hoped for. The fit, finish and attention to detail makes this boat extremely functional and feel much bigger than 18.5'. For me, and many others who might be interested in this size boat, this is the BEST possible choice for form and function in an 18.5' bass boat.

--Eddie J.
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