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96 Ranger

I love my Ranger. It has to be the smoothest boat I have ever ridden in. Awesome boat.

--Mike B.

I Love My Ranger!

I own a 1987 394v with a 1999 Merc 175, it is a wonderful boat, can't find one thing to complain about!

--Scott C.

My First Boat - Ranger 2014 Z518c

I ordered a 2014 Z518c in July and took delivery in September and words can't express how awesome the boat performs. Not only is it my first Ranger but also my first boat. I don't have any regrets going with Ranger. It's powered by a 2014 200 HO Evinrude. It's just awesome!!

--Ronnie S.

My Ranger

I love my Ranger. To me Ranger Boats is a part of Americana just like baseball and apple pie.

--Ken M.

My New Z520C

I just wanted to say that this is truly the Cadillac of Bass Boats!!! I had a chance to visit the plant while my new Z520C was being built and I all I can say is thank you to all the hard work by all the Ranger employees for building the best bass boat on the market. Mickey Wood was a great host and I truly appreciate the time he spent with us. The fishability, ride, storage and all around design sets Ranger boats apart from everyone else. In closing this is my first Ranger and definitely not my last God willing!!

Thank your Ranger for a great boat.

--Alan K.

First Ranger

I have fished out of a lot of boats and owned a couple myself. The used Ranger 482 Comanche with the 150 Yamaha is the most comfortable and smoothest riding boat I have ever been in. I'm hooked on Ranger.

--Mike B.

1999 Ranger R81

I owned a 1989 Winner as my first boat and enjoyed it. Then I purchased a 1988 Ranger and it was pretty fast. I liked the way the boat was put together and purchased a 1999 Ranger R81 recently and it has been the best decision I ever made. The quality and style of this boat is perfect for bass fishing and I am pleased with the quality and look of this boat. A real step up for me.

--Reggie S.

The Only Boat To Own ...Ranger

Currently I own both a 2003 520 Comanche, the best bass boat Ranger has ever made and a 2008 2300 bay, both awesome rides! I've had a '91 391, 06 168 phantom and 07 169 ghost as well. All incredible rigs. I will own nothing but Rangers. The ride, fit and finish are beyond compare. The boats can be ten years old and still look like new! I've previously been sponsored by other boat brands but have chosen to personally purchase only Rangers because nothing else comes close.

--Jill K.

Fast Boat

Me and my dad bought an old Ranger 1998 R80 with a 175 Mercury and it is fast. Me and my dad went 60 MPH and the ride was so smooth, Ranger is the best fiberglass boat ever Keep it up.

--Kyle L.

2013 Ranger RT178

I've owned boats since I was 16 y/o, that is over 25 years of boat ownership. I purchased my previous boat in 1994 and it was not a Ranger. This go-round I wandered into a local Ranger dealership and fell in love with a boat off Ranger's aluminum line. Living in west Texas I decided to down size from 22ft 94 model bass boat to the new Ranger RT178 equipped with a 60hp Evinrude E-Tec. I have fished every chance I've had since the purchase, WOW!!!!!! If ever you had a doubt about leaving a glass boat for metal, STOP! Ranger's line of aluminum boats is phenomenal!! All room you need to fish and all the luxury of Ranger! Ranger was just another brand to me before this but now? Ranger has a new family member, I'll always buy Ranger from here on out!
Awesome job Ranger!

--Michael M.

I Wouldn't Ride In Anything But A Ranger Boat

For many years I knew what I wanted in a boat and others tried to get me to get other boats... but I always wanted a Ranger Boat because I've always heard it's the best boat and for my retirement gift I wanted the best boat not the second best boat. I own a NASCAR Z21 COMANCHE Limited Series with dual power poles... Ranger Boats keep up the great tradition and continue making the best boats ever. I'm looking at the new Z520c now!

--Joel W.

2nd Ranger

Just traded up from a Z518 to a Z520c and all I can say is wow! The Z518 was a great boat that I dearly loved, but it is hard to find words that accurately describe the Z520c. Ranger raises the bar again!

--Greg B.
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