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Ranger Boat

Just purchased a 1988 Ranger 374V at the end of last summer (2011). Did not get to use it much last summer because I was getting ready for deer season, but am looking forward to using it this season. I love my 88 Ranger 374V.

--Richard M.

05 Ranger Z20

I love my Ranger Z20. It is all decked out with Camo seats and Mossy Oak decals. It is truly one of a kind.

--Brian T.



--Clint H.

New To Me Ranger

Finally I have joined the Ranger Family. Bought a garage kept 1989 Ranger 375V APACHE. Love it! Still has all the books and paperwork. 23 years old and looks and runs like brand new!! Thanks for building great LONG lasting boats....ONE AT A TIME!

--Jeremy K.

I Love My Ranger Boat

I LOVE MY RANGER BOAT. My dad died and left it to me. Loved it ever since. Has a deep place in my heart.

--Cissy T.

I Love My 392

I love this boat! I picked it up a bit over a year ago and it is one heck of a fishing machine. I haven’t won any tournaments out of it yet, but a few top tens. I will win one or two this year.

--David V.

Dream Come True

Thanks Ranger for building such a great product; truly the best on the water. My dad has owned a 1988 373V Classic and a 2000 520. I have always known that I wanted to own a Ranger. Thanks to my dad and wife, that dream has finally come true. I am the proud owner of a 2012 Z518 with a 200 Pro XS. The first time on the water in the new boat, it performed like a Ranger should – perfectly. I ended up with 5 good keeper fish that day, what a way to break in my Ranger. Thank you Ranger Boats.

--Brian E.

Spoiled By An Old Ranger

In 2003 I joined a little bass club and bought a 1992 Ranger 361V powered by a Mercury 150 XR6. I quickly learned that I had invested in what many consider to be the most stable and well laid-out fishing platform in the history of the world. After the first few trips I realized that nothing else can compare with the stability of this boat. After fishing with others in many types/brands of other boats, my reply when I get invited on a trip is always - "OK, but let's take MY boat"! She turns 20 years old this year and she performs like brand new.
she performs like brand new.

--Mike S.

I Love My Ranger

My 1860 Angler is my third Ranger following a 1999 617DVS & 1991 680T. With a 175 Merc Verado, Yamaha T8 & iPilot Terrova I fish for walleyes & smallies on the Great Lakes, Lake of the Woods, Mississippi River, and mid-west reservoirs in comfort through all kinds of challenging conditions. The walk-through windshield even makes it "comfortable" during early and late-season outings.

--Les W.

09' 620

I love my Ranger. She is sleeping now, but once the ice is off the lakes she loves to wake up and play!

--John M.

I Love My Ranger

Thanks for the hard work being done at the Ranger facility to ensure a top of the line quality boat. I have a 2005 210 Reata VS with a 200 Yamaha HPDI. Best boat I have ever owned. If there ever is a reason for me to get another boat it will be a Ranger, hands down.

--Clint R.

Fishing With My Son

During one of my many fishing trips with my son who at the time was about 7 years old and small enough to fit under the console of my 392 dual console 1994 ranger boat, my son hung a bait casted lure in a dead tree stump about 8 feet off the rear deck, Could not get the lure off the tree stump so since it was about 3 inches in diameter I decided to break off the little stump and retrieve the lure, as I set up for the maneuvered and accelerated the Ranger to bump and break the stump I heard from underneath the passenger console of the Ranger this tune being sung by my son " whata goin to do, whata goin to do when they come for you" I laughed and my son laughed a lot that day and most every fishing trip we took together was a great time for both of us.

--marc h.
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