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My Z118

I purchased my new Z118 with an Evinrude Etec 150HO this summer from Portland Yacht Services and I could not be happier. The guys at Portland Yacht went above and beyond to make my dream of owning a Ranger come true. I have waited to post my review of it because quite honestly I was spending all my free time enjoying my new Ranger. All I can say is that the Ranger legend is not a myth and the boat is more than I had hoped for. The fit, finish and attention to detail makes this boat extremely functional and feel much bigger than 18.5'. For me, and many others who might be interested in this size boat, this is the BEST possible choice for form and function in an 18.5' bass boat.

--Eddie J.

New 2014 Z520C

I love my new 2014 Ranger 520C, I have had six bass boats and this is by far the Very Best!! From all the storage to the ventilation system this boat rocks! Paired with the 2014 Mercury Pro XS she gets out and moves. Cant wait till she is broken in so we can get top speeds out of her. Great Boat guys!!


Cherokee 116

I've had my Ranger Cherokee 116 since 2000. I bought brand new w/ a 50-hp Mercury. Love the durability and the boating confidence through the rough waters of the Potomac River.

--Talby A.

My New 1880!

I finally made the switch to a glass boat and chose the new 2014 Ranger 1880 Angler.... WOW! What a difference. The comfort, ride, storage and fishing room are second to none. And lets face it... Nothing looks better in the sunshine than a Ranger! Now I know what the fuss was all about!

--Matt M.

2014 Z521c

This is my second Z521. My current Z521c is rigged with 250 Pro Verado, power poles, three Lowrance HD 9’s touch. The 2014 model has so many improvements from my 2013. From wider, more storage that even me the ultimate tackle geek can be happy with. I tournament fish and recently actually loaned my boat to a Ranger sales rep who I consider a complete expert. He has sold and owned countless boats and he agrees with me that this is best boat he has ever had the pleasure to drive and operate. At one point they were in semi rough water and running 68 with full fuel, live wells and one of them was over 250lbs and passing other boats. The Pro Verado on the 521c is a keeper package. I will never go back as this is the easiest boat to not only own but to operate. Not only can I run to my spots faster than before, I can actually carry a conversation with the other person in the boat without a ton of wind or motor noise. Perfect boat!

--Bob N.

First Ranger

I just purchased my first Ranger and I LOVE IT!!!!! ... nothing comes close to my 521vx. I'm a Ranger man now forever!

--William T.

1978 Ranger Classic

I was sitting on the patio watching my husband work on his boat his grandfather passed down to him. Then I begin to think that's a very old boat but yet it stills run. I often tease my husband about his boat and truck, but he always say nothing beats a ranger boat and a Chevy truck. It was my husband's dream to remodel it to its original style however once his mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and suffered from an aneurysm, fixing the boat was put on hold due to him helping her with medical bills. Recently the boat was featured in an article of Bass Master Classic...

Thanks Ranger!

--Jonneka W.


We have numerous horsepower restricted lakes in Illinois and I had been looking for an aluminum boat that fished like my fiberglass Z520 when Ranger introduced their new line-up of aluminums. The new Aluminum RT178 with an Evinrude 25 is a special boat with great width and stability. Added all the same bells and whistles that I am used to on my big boat and was amazed in ran 25mph fully loaded. Love the room and the ride.

--Terry B.

Ranger Owner For LIFE

I've owned 3 Rangers and all of them are awesome! I bought a 175A in 1977 and sold it in 1984 for $500 more than I paid for it. I then bought a 1985 373V in March '85 and had it until until March 2010. A perfect family and fishing machine!! I now own a 2009 208VX and it is awesome! It's got a 225hp Yamaha HPDI and it's smooth and fast and a very dry ride just like all of my Rangers.
A Ranger is the only way to go!!

--Larry K.

Worth The Wait

I recently purchased a 2006 Z 20 Comanche and O M G what a ride. I have been without a boat for two years and with the encouragment of my wife I waited on the right boat to come along and boy did it. My Ranger is a life long dream come true and very much worth the wait. Thank you Ranger for such a quality fishing boat.

--Patrick M.

Old and New Ranger

I live on West Boggs Creek Lake near Loogootee, Indiana. I have a 1998 30th anniversary R17 Ranger boat with a 125 hp Merc. I keep it on a covered boat lift. I love it because all I have to do is drop it down into the water and I am fishing. I have just finished restoring a rare 1968 (possibly one of the first 6 built) Ranger Bass boat. It is in remarkable shape for its age. Glass is very good and no rot in the wood. Having worked on the restoration project, I am amazed at the advancement Ranger has made over the years. While crude by today's standards, the 1968 model has withstood 45 years of use and is still in very good condition. This is a true testament to the quality put into every Ranger boat from the start to the present.

--Stephen P.

2nd And Not Last Ranger

I fished in a friend's Ranger boat and fell in love with it. I bought my first Ranger bass boat in 1975, it was not my first boat but was to be my last boat to buy for over 30 years. I choose the Ranger 175A because I loved the way it handled on the water. I used it until 2006 when I decided to upgrade to a larger boat. I found a red and white used 2003 195VS Ranger that was in great condition with a 200 horse Yahama engine. I fell in love all over again and had to have it. I made the deal and now I was a 2 Ranger boat owner. When I sold my old boat I found that Ranger boats hold there value since I got what I ask for it. I will never own anything but a Ranger. I have had the chance to go to the factory where they are made and it only made me love Ranger boats more seeing the way they are put together. Thanks to all the workers that put such pride into building such a GREAT boat.

--Ronnie E.
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