Customer Reviews

"As a business owner and tournament fisherman, I fish when I have time or when tournaments are scheduled. At times this can mean fishing in some nasty weather conditions. I have to be able to rely on my equipment to perform flawlessly when put into service. For this reason I own a Ranger 620T / Evinrude ETEC combination. I'm lucky as I usually see around a 100 to 150 seasonal days on the water. Whether I'm fishing in my own western Minnesota local where the wind always blows or out east on the big waters of Lake Erie I have confidence that my 620T will handle anything I put it up against. My new 620T is the 4th Ranger boat that I've owned. Like my 3 Ranger boats of past, my new rig offers expansive dry storage, wide open comfortable layout, excellent fit and finish, and a ride like no other. The tiller model is extremely agile and allows me to contour troll break-lines with ease while still being able to open water troll like a wheel boat. The Ranger Trail trailer that the boat is transported on incorporates four wheel disc brakes on torsion axles and tows with ease. It reliably gets me to and from each of my destinations. With the bunk style fenders I have no problem launching and loading the boat in river systems where cross currents present issue for the roller trailer crowd. In addition, the Road Armor finish keeps it looking new (read - no rust!). When I get home the swing tongue allows me to store the rig in my 24ft garage cool! Did I mention resale value with my past Ranger Boats? Thanks Ranger!"

Brad D.

Underwood, MN

"I have been running Ranger Boats since 1994. Over those many years Ranger has continued to improve upon perfection. The Fisherman series of boats offers the serious angler a platform to fish from that is second to none. Features like: dry storage compartments, rod storage for both trolling and spinning rods, premium wiring for all electronic components on the boat, and of course the hull design that gets the angler to the fish and back in comfort make the Ranger Fisherman an easy choice for me."

Patrick N.


"I purchased a 620 Tiller last spring. The boat is unquestionably the driest, smoothest riding boat I have ever fished, and I have fished from all of them and owned most of them. I fished 8 walleye tournaments with it this year, and I am no less than completely satisfied with the boat."

Ryan T.

Swift Current, SK

"Thanks Ranger for keeping me dry, fast, & on the fish. There is no other boat on the market that compares to my 620T."

Brian B.