The all-new Ranger FS PRO line of boats herald a new generation of big water rigs that boast more power, intelligence and refinement than ever.  New hulls with reimagined decks and cockpits expand comfort and fishability while the most advanced total-boat command system delivers unparalleled insight into critical parameters with unmatched convenience and simplicity. These five models are bigger, faster and stronger than ever to give you the strength to take on anything, and the capability to succeed. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to receive more information.

Ranger's exclusive Ranger Intelligent Display Engine™ gives you total control over your boat's sytems with an integrated 9" touchscreen multifunction display (MFD). With the RIDE system, you can start and stop your engine, monitor livewell temps, engine RPMs, heading, speed, control lighting, trim tabs, jackplate, music and more for an all-in-one display that ushers in a new era of boat control.

The Ranger Total Command Cockpit™ is found on 621cFS and 620cFS models, the "c" denoting the more spacious cockpit. By deleting the rear storage boxes, we've freed up an additional 17" of lateral cockpit space for greater fishability.

 Homescreen of the Ranger RIDE interface.

All-new pasenger console features twin glove boxes with a storage cubby, polished aluminum grab handle, concealed speaker and a dedicated 5-gallon bucket storage beneath.

The new FS PRO models have slots integrated into the transom for seamless mounting of trim tabs, either traditional Lenco units or ZipWake Interceptors that can automatically deploy and retract based on the conditions and your preference.

The bow of FS PRO 600 Series feature a redesigned panel that can accommodate screens up to 12", with a clever latching tool drawer.

Dedicated and integrated 5-gallon bucket storage with rod organizers under the passenger console.

The driver's console was redesigned from the ground up, with a focus on simple, intuitive control. A 16" screen is front and center with the RIDE MFD adjacent. The whole console features stitched, automotive-style trim with a brow so there are no plastic pieces to fade or crack.

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