Customer Reviews

"I bought my Z518c in May 2015 and I bought it new. Ranger is the only boat brand I ever wanted throughout my life. It's an iconic brand since I can remember. Being a responsible adult, I checked out other brands before buying. None of them really measured up to what I wanted in my first bass boat. I kept coming back to Ranger. It took me several years of shopping to figure out size and colors. When I finally did I didn't hesitate and haven't been disappointed since. I absolutely love my boat and wouldn't trade it for the world (unless I was going to a bigger one lol). I look forward to each time on the water with it. Keep building legends one at a time Ranger!"

Shawn C.

Simpsonville, SC

"This is my 2nd Ranger. The stability of the boat is awesome... If someone is in the back you hardly feel them. The boat is really fun to drive. The hull seems to be a little faster and more responsive. More performance over the 2010 188vx I had. I was surprised at the speed as well."

Jeff N.

McCalla, AL

"Just picked up my 2015 Z518c on Saturday. I love the boat and everything it has on it. I am more than happy with Ranger Boats and with the craftsmanship that they did with my boat. It was well worth the wait. Also, Wood Boat and Motor in Rhode Island treated me like family and they put me in the boat of my dreams. Thank You So Much."

Marc P.

New Bedford, MA

"I can't express how much I love my new 2014 518C. This boat is unbelievable. From everything to how fast is gets on plane, to the handling, the fisherman friendly lay out or how stable it is at rest... I mainly fish Barkley and Kentucky lake. If you're in the market for an 18 ft boat don't hesitate to buy this model. I searched every manufacturer out there... The fit and finish is 2nd to none. And the boat is unbelievable."

James M.


"I ordered a 2014 Z518c in July and took delivery in September and words can't express how awesome the boat performs. Not only is it my first Ranger but also my first boat. I don't have any regrets going with Ranger. It's powered by a 2014 200 HO Evinrude. It's just awesome!!"

Ronnie S.