White River Jon Boats


Our most compact all-welded, the White River 1448 MVX Jon is built with the same quality features as the bigger White River models.

Length 14'
Beam 72"
Person Cap. 3 Person
Price $3,099

White River 1648 MVX jon

The 1648 White River Jon is made for maximum versatility. Its nimble size is easily operated by oars, but it can also take an outboard to power into backwaters. Its all-welded strength make it an appealing choice for those who frequent small waters or seek untouched honey holes.

Length 16' 1"
Beam 72"
Person Cap. 4 Person
Price $3,495


Our largest all-aluminum, all-welded aluminum jon boat, the White River
1860 MVX Jon is ready to be customized for fishing, hunting, bowfishing or general utility use.

Length 18' 1''
Beam 84"
Person Cap. 8 Person
Price $4,299*


An all-welded, all-aluminum center console aluminum jon boat. The White River
1860 MVX CC is ideal for the lake, the river and the bay.

Length 19' 2''
Beam 84"
Person Cap. 7 Person
Price $21,495*


A beast of a jon boat for fishing, bowfishing, hunting or utility work, the White River 2072 MVX CC has a huge load capacity and the size and power for any task.

Length 21' 5''
Beam 99"
Person Cap. 9 Person
Price $22,795*

WHITE RIVER 2072 MVX Sportsman

The White River 2072 MVX CC Sportsman aluminum jon boat is a pure bowfishing machine, with a removable, elevated bow deck and 28,000 lumens of LED lighting.

Length 21' 5''
Beam 102"
Person Cap. 5 Person
Price $27,895*

Topper 1036

Easy to transport and fun to fish, the White River Topper 1036 aluminum jon boat is ready to fish all the small ponds and lakes that are inaccessible to larger boats.

Length 9' 10''
Beam 52"
Person Cap. 2 Person
Price $659*

Topper 1236

The White River Topper 1236 aluminum jon boat is compact enough for two to lift and roomy enough for two to fish, so you can access small ponds where big lunkers lurk.

Length 11' 11''
Beam 52"
Person Cap. 3 Person
Price $719*

Topper 1436

Tied up at the pond or loaded into the truck bed, the White River Topper 1436 is a versatile aluminum jon boat that gets you to big fish in small ponds and lakes with ease.

Length 13' 10''
Beam 53"
Person Cap. 3 Person
Price $789*

Topper 1542

The White River Topper 1542 aluminum jon boat is a lightweight, versatile craft for small to medium lakes and rivers, with a storage/wetwell compartment and a capacity of up to 25 HP.

Length 15'
Beam 60"
Person Cap. 3 Person
Price $1,299*

Guide V-14 Deep V

The White River Guide V-14 Deep V is a durable and affordable all-purpose Deep V that's ready to take on bass walleye, or panfish in ponds, lakes and rivers.

Length 14' 2''
Beam 68"
Person Cap. 4 Person
Price $1,999*