Hands down, there is a better choice.

In comparisons of durability, affordability, and weight, weaker thin-skinned aluminum designs just don’t measure up to the advantages of Ranger fiberglass construction. Check out the added rewards in our Zone-Tempered Fiberglass Layup® . This specially-engineered muscle creates a rig so tough that it leaves old-fashioned aluminum models out in the cold. From stronger, drier storages to a noticeably smoother ride, don’t settle for less. Get more value, more confidence, and more total performance with Ranger.

It’s a definite difference loaded with advantages.

Weight It’s a fact. Ranger fiberglass designs have exposed the misleading aluminum weight claims. With weights directly paralleling aluminum, Ranger designs are easier to fish, run, and tow. Combined with our broad beam stability and ultra quiet construction, it’s no wonder that more tournament anglers run Ranger.

Durability Gone are the days when anglers have to contend with ugly welds, leaky rivets, chipped paint, dents, and noisy designs that spook fish. Our exclusive One Piece Feel Interloc Construction® standards not only result in a smooth, dry ride, but also deliver a stronger, quieter, and extremely solid overall performance.

Affordability Feature for feature. Detail for detail. No other design offers so much affordable value. It’s all part of our Five Star commitment to continually deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction while setting even stronger standards in performance and fishability. Go ahead. Compare the price, value, performance and standard features of a legendary Ranger to the vulnerable shell of aluminum. You’ll be glad you did.