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Jason Christie
Champion Tournament Angler

So, so happy... just picked up my new Z520c Ranger boat. I can't say more.

Danny K.
Gatineau, QC
Got my 2014 NASCAR Z520 this week from the best dealer in the USA... Watson's Marine in Bluff City, TN. Love it. My dogs do too.

Bill C.
Abingdon, VA
Dear Ranger Boats, Hello from Lake of the Ozarks! Just thought I would take a minute and let everyone at Ranger Boats know my professional opinion. I'm a guide on Lake of the Ozark as well as an avid tournament fisherman. My wife and I also own and operate Crock-O-Gator Bait Company so we both know and appreciate quality products. As a guide on one of the busiest lakes in the Midwest I often hear the comment, "I sure am glad we were in a Ranger," as we returned back to the dock safely. I just shake my head and reply, "Me, too." My 2013 Ranger Z-520C makes a lasting impression on all of my clients. As they pay good money for a guide, they expect a professional person, equipment, boat and motor. That is exactly what I give them. On the tournament side of things, I fish several pro-am style tournaments each year , This gives me many opportunities to showcase the Ranger quality and ride. The response is always the same after we take off and run down a rough lake. We will generally catch up to and pass other so called faster boats as their drivers are visibly getting a workout trying to keep their boat straight... I could go on and on. I guess my point is I can run any boat on the market. My wife and I both work very hard and cannot for a second compromise a few dollars for safety, quality, comfort, and the fishability of a Ranger. I have been running a Ranger since 1999 and have owned several. I have no intentions on ever changing.

Always proud of our Ranger!

James Dill
I love my new 2014 Ranger 520C, I have had six bass boats and this is by far the Very Best!! From all the storage to the ventilation system this boat rocks! Paired with the 2014 Mercury Pro XS she gets out and moves. Cant wait till she is broken in so we can get top speeds out of her. Great Boat guys!!

Brad M.
Oroville, CA
After having my Z520c for awhile now, I feel this boat is far superior to my last Ranger and I thought it couldn't get any better than that. The ride is awesome in the ruff water and when it comes to fishing there just not any better. The real difference though comes from what you can not see, this boat is solid... Fit and finish, what's more to say than it's a Ranger, nobody comes close. I have had 26 boats and my last 2 were Rangers and will never go back to another brand. There's nothing that can compete with Ranger. Thanks very much for building them so good.

Bob C.
I just wanted to say that this is truly the Cadillac of Bass Boats!!! I had a chance to visit the plant while my new Z520C was being built and I all I can say is thank you to all the hard work by all the Ranger employees for building the best bass boat on the market. Mickey Wood was a great host and I truly appreciate the time he spent with us. The fishability, ride, storage and all around design sets Ranger boats apart from everyone else. In closing this is my first Ranger and definitely not my last God willing!!

Thank your Ranger for a great boat.

Alan K.
Scarborough, ON
Just traded up from a Z518 to a Z520c and all I can say is wow! The Z518 was a great boat that I dearly loved, but it is hard to find words that accurately describe the Z520c. Ranger raises the bar again!

Greg B.
Morris, AL
Took out the 520 for some break in hours before we change over to the XD100 oil. This was mine and my wifeƕs 5th trip out and we practiced on Nickerjack Lake for the ABA couple tournament coming up in September. The 520C performed flawlessly. It was awesome ride. We passed 11 ski boats and cruisers. My wife and I were amazed on how it handled breaking the waves and handled the rough water. Best investment we made. Thanks to Ranger for making an awesome boat and Bunch marine for keeping us going.

Robert G.
Madisonville, TN
I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone at Ranger. My newest Ranger is a Z520C Anniversary Edition. It is indeed my dream rig. It's the finest boat I've ever fished in. Thanks again to everyone at Ranger Boats for building my dream rig.

Wade H.
Brandon, MS
I had posted earlier about moving to Louisiana and buying my Ranger Ghost, but had just ordered my new Z520C.

Well...I got it last week from Cabela's in Gozales, LA. I did the Mercury break in thing on Friday and fished the West Pearl River on Sunday in our local club tournament (oh yeah, I won as well).

Ranger you've certainly outdone yourselves, from the live well covers, the measuring board at the ready, the running lights built in, having my plier holders as well as a cup holder in front of me all day to putting the cooler in the right place. And the most important thing of all, no more adjusting my HDS 10 so I could see it, its now mounted in the dash where it's suppose to be. I just wanted to say, I truly would not fish out of any another boat. Did I mention the trailer with the full plug built in, a parking brake and custom racing wheels....she even looks amazing.

Thanks Ranger Boats and FLW...
Bill K.

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