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1987 Ranger 320 V

I recently purchased an older Ranger, a 1987 320V. This boat is still solid as a rock at almost 30 years old. The boat has been well used. I am slowly bringing it back to its original glory as well as fishing with it every week. The man I bought it from said his father-in-law told him to never sell a Ranger. Just keep it and buy a new engine because no one makes a better boat. I'm inclined to agree!

--Robert H.

My '84 Ranger 330V

I recently purchased a 1984 Ranger 330V. I bought it from the second owner who had only had it for a few years. Let me tell you, even though the boat is 32 years old, it is quite the head turner. It is still just as sparkly and clean as it was years and years ago. I fish Kentucky Lake almost every weekend, and every time I have stopped for gas, people compliment my clean ranger. Its got an '84 Johnson 140 horse motor, and that thing will fly across the water! I am forever sold on Ranger Boats for the rest of my life!

--James J.

Ranger Z119C

I just made the switch from another major boat manufacturer and what a difference! My new 2014 Ranger Z119C is truly remarkable! The ride is so much smoother, and the boat is quieter in the water than my last boat. I had my boat outfitted with a Lowrance HDS-12 on the console, Atlas hydraulic jackplate, twin 10' Talons, and a 112lb thrust Minn Kota Fortrex. Truly more boat than I had ever dreamed of owning! No regrets on this one and I look forward to every opportunity I have to get out on the water! Thanks to Toho Marine and Ranger Boats!!!

--John D.

1990 361V

I had purchased a 1990 Ranger 361V used over 17 years ago and can attest to the quality of workmanship and durability of any Ranger products. Not only does this boat look as good as the day I bought it, every button, switch, knob, light and option work as intended. The best investment I have ever made and if you are in the market for a boat consider no other brands. As far as replacing parts go, one livewell pump and that's it in 17 years. Wish everything was made like a Ranger. A word to the wise, the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten....

--James O.

Gotta have one!

I was thinking about getting a new boat but wasn't in a hurry because nothing has changed in years. I ran into a Ranger VS1780 and knew I had to have one. I'm picking mine up this week and I can't wait. The fit and finish is incredible and everything is where it's supposed to be...feeling how tight this boat was, it was obvious that Ranger took things to the next level. A fiberglass console is such a nice touch. Fully foam filled cavities means my equipment and I won't get pounded and I won't have to hear those sounds an aluminum boat makes when hitting a few waves. Way to go Ranger!!!

--Allen J.

My first bass boat

Waited until I was getting ready to retire before getting my first bass boat. I traded our ski boat that was not being used, for a 1995 363V Comanche. This boat is really beyond my wildest dreams. I got all the books, shipping papers, etc. from day one. The papers say this boat was shipped to B.A.S.S to be given as a prize. I can not believe the condition and quality of it, and now understand about Ranger's reputation. I know this boat is going to provide me with years of fun and relaxation in my retirement. Thanks Ranger for real quality even in years past...

--Jim O.

The Legacy Lives On

My Uncle Bill talked me into joining the local bass club as a non-boater. I fished out of the back of many boats the first year and then exclusively out of his boat due to a rule change. Eventually I purchased my own bass boat, but missed the Ranger ride so I told him not to trade in his 1997 488VS Commanche because I would buy it when he was ready to upgrade. He passed away unexpectantly a few years ago and I didn't know how or when I was going to approach my aunt about his boat. His boys called soon after as she had remembered the story and I am now the proud owner of his "baby". It still turns heads everywhere and I could not be happier by keeping it in the family!

--David W.

1989 Ranger 390V

When we were searching for a good used boat we decided to go to Lake Okeechobee to see if we could find a nice boat for fresh water fishing. After stopping at numerous marine sales most of which were closed since it was a Saturday. At one of the boat sales my husband decided to walk around the fenced area to see if there were any boats that were worth looking at, boy what a surprise when my husband spotted under a huge oak tree a bass boat , covered in leaves and acorns! We returned to that place and purchased a 1989 Ranger 390v with a 150 Mariner including a trailer. We have had the boat over year now and have had a blast fishing and the boat is a joy to ride across the water. It turned out to be our "diamond in the ruff" and to this day a year later we still get comments on how beautiful our baby is! Thanks Ranger for not only a boat but a boat the owner can be proud of!!

--David and Priscilla S.

My love affair...

When I was in kindergarten (circa 1980) I came down with the chicken pox and couldn't go to school, but that's ok. My Uncle Don and Aunt Cathrine took me fishing in his 1974 Ranger 170A. There was no finer vessel in the world to me, it's gold metal flake and white two tone colors glistening in the sun as it floated off the trailer into Carters Lake was beautiful.

Now 35 years later, it's still the apple of my eye. My uncle Don still has it, although his age and health no longer allows for "The Ranger" to get to the local lakes. We lost my Aunt Catherine last year and the Ranger just isn't the same since she is gone, but I carry forever the memories of a childhood fishing in the Ranger I love, and will soon have in my garage to make memories with my kids. (Minus the chicken pox)

--Joshua O.

1989 Ranger 361v Bass Boat

My dad, brother and I have been fishing out of a small jon boat. I decided to invest in a bass boat this year. I bought a Ranger bass boat and could not be happier. We have been having a ball fishing out of it. It's a heck of a boat can't wait for more memories to be made on it.

--Brandon C.

2015 Ranger Z521c

Picked my new Ranger Z521c w/Yamaha 250 SHO up from Augusta Marine in Georgia. Took it out on my home waters of Lake Anna, VA and WOW, this is the Cadillac of bass boats... Takeoff to plane is 2 seconds. Fishing platform is great. I love My Ranger!

--Brian O.


I bought my 13 year old son a 2000 R71 last year and he loves it. The gelteman that had it took very good care of it...

--Chip V.
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