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Built To Last

I own an '86 ranger - built to last - still running strong. Solid built boat! 29 years old - transom solid and no leaks. When (and if) lol it finally dies, I will shop Ranger only !

--Matt G.

Angler 1880

I love my new Angler 1880. The added width and the redesigned back deck compared to my old Angler 1860 is fantastic. My wife and sons love the size of the back area to fish. The carpeted lids going to the back of the boat was smart thinking... All the new details in storage, livewells and small details like the built in ruler are perfect.

My dealer Moore Boats in Ligonier, IN is the best dealer I have ever worked with. Great in working out the deal and Dewey in service is fantastic. I recommend them to everyone.

--Gerald S.

New Ranger Boat

... Now that my career is peeking, I could afford any new boat I wanted. On December 31, 2014 I finally bought my dream rig from Augusta Marine. A 2014 Ranger Z521c. This boat is truly the apex of all bass fishing boats. Thanks to the Ranger engineers for continuing to lead the industry on comfort and performance. I am a Ranger fanatic for life.

--Jason G.


I purchased my Z117 in January this year from Cabelas in Louisiana. Cabelas has great service. Love this boat. I fish Bayou Des Allemandes and Lake Cataouatche. All I do is crappie fish. I have been doing this for over 30 years, year round. This is a perfect boat for me to fish with in this area. It is laid out perfect with all the storage you would ever need. Very comfortable to fish out of all day if you want to... The ride is great, it's like driving a fine sports car. Like the way the trailer is made; should last a long time. Money well spent, getting ready to retire in the coming months. Will get to enjoy even more. Thanks again for a great product.

--Greg L.

Ranger Boat

I bought my first Ranger boat two years ago. It was a 520VX Comanche 2003 with only 89 hours with a 225 Mercury Opti-Max... Love my Ranger, best deal I ever made except for my wife who bought it for me . She loves the boat too. Happy fisherman.

--Robert T.

My Ranger

... My 2008 Z22 is the greatest. Its smooth riding; comfortable fishing. It is my dream boat and I love it.

--Hondo S.

My Rangers

I have owned 3 Rangers in my life. I had a 1995 481V with a 150 Mercury Black Max and absolutely loved it. I sold it in 2005 for a 2000 520VX with a 225 Mercury Optimax. Now I have a 2005 Z21 with a 250 Mercury Verado. All three of these boats have been of the utmost quality and have all performed above and beyond other boats I have fished out of. The resale value is amazing. I sold my first two Rangers for exactly what I paid for them! I absolutely love everything with the Ranger name on it and am currently shopping for a Z521c for my next rig!

--Trevor C.

Ranger Z518

Love the fit/finish and fishability of this boat. Hauls the mail pretty darned good too!

--Randy L.

Ranger RT188

Just purchased a new Ranger RT188 with a Mercury 115 four stroke from Lake Sara Marina in Effingham, IL. Have yet to get it to the water, but upfront as far as the details in the boat and craftsmanship I can say this is an awesome rig. No complaints and the owners and staff at the marina are excellent. They answered all my questions and made the buying process quick and left me knowing that if I do have any issues they will be taken care of in a timely manner by their professionals. I will be posting again soon with my opinions of the first outing.

--Zach W.

2000 519VX

I wanted a Ranger bass boat ever since I knew what one was. Well, I'm 49 years old and got my 519vx with 200hp Yamaha 4 years ago. It only had 50 hours on it, the trailer had never even been on a wet road. I won the first tourney I ever fished in my Ranger and that got me a day fishing with Bill Dance. I had been to dealers a couple times over the years and test rode in a couple Rangers, and I'll tell you my Ranger rides 10 times better. Why, because I own it and its paid for. I have never bought a new boat, but I'm going to get a new Ranger one day, but my wife gets a house first.

--David S.

Rangers Owned

I bought my first Ranger in 1995; it was a Ranger 372 dual console. I used this boat until March 2001. I received more in trade value than I paid for this boat in 1995. Then I upgraded to a new Ranger R91VS dual console (what a great boat) and I kept it until November 2011 when I sold it and got a Ranger Z118c dual console, another great boat. Now I'm looking to buy a Z119c dual console this comming spring of 2015.

--Oval L. P.

My Old/New Ranger

At 55 years old I finaly got my Ranger. No its not new, it's a 1977 175A with a 115 Johnson. I bought this boat at an auction one of my church member was having. $300 bought it. I took it home and pulled the cover off of my new baby. She needs new carpet, but everything else is A-1 and she runs like a new one! I'm so blessed!

--Rick W.
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