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Great Boats

I have owned a Ranger 362V, 364V, 354XT, 188V, and currently a 2012 Z520. I have also owned other brand boats but none have even come close to the Rangers. Every Ranger has been a great boat. The Z520 I currently own is the best boat I have ever had and the best boat I have ever been in period. The one thing I look forward to now is the day I can go buy an aluminum Ranger to go with my 520. Ranger is the only way to go for overall quality. I will never own another brand boat...

--Timothy Y.

1987 Ranger

I just recently purchased my first actual bass boat back in February of 2014. It is a 1987 Ranger 374V... it is an awesome boat. I am very pleased with this boat and will continue to use it as long as it runs and floats. I would love to have a new Ranger but my old boat will do just fine. Even though the motor is 27 yrs old it still cranks and runs just fine. Thank you for craftsmanship of the boat and the memories I will make with my family.

--Andrew S.

2011 Ranger 1860 Angler

I purchased a new 1860 Angler from Blackhawk Marine in Blackhawk SD for my retirement present. The dealership is first class and I highly recommend them. I have had many great days fishing in this boat and after having several other brands I can honestly say there is nothing that beats a Ranger. This boat will take anything you can throw at it water wise including 6' waves on lake Oahe. The bow area is big enough to have a dance in and great for us jig fishing Walleye nuts. Can't go wrong when buying a Ranger you definitely get what you pay for!

--Gregory A.

Z21 Intracoastal

I bought my Z21 Intracoastal over a year ago and love it. I can go for reds and trout in the morning and then when the bite slows up, put it in the lake and whack some bass. It will float in less then knee deep water and out run most bay boats in its class.

--John L.

2014 Z119c

I recently bought the 2014 Z119c with 225 Pro XS. This 19.5 is awesome. It is the most stable 19.5 foot boat I have ever rode in. I went from a Z21 to this boat and have no complaints. I lost 1.5 foot but it was well worth the trade off. Talk about speed. It is just now broke in so I am able to play with it and run it harder. Thus far, I have received an exceptional ride at 73.5 mph... The boat is wide at 95 inches, plenty of space. The 80 Minn Kota compliments the boat very well... Very sporty and sleek... one won't be disapointed if purchasing one.

--Charlie K.

2014 NASCAR Z520.

Got my 2014 NASCAR Z520 this week from the best dealer in the USA... Watson's Marine in Bluff City, TN. Love it. My dogs do too.

--Bill C.

Insect Net Incident

My late brother, God Rest His Soul, taught me the importance stashing a good quality instant net in the bow of my Ranger. We beached near a stream and were trying all sorts of frogs, worms and crank baits with no luck. After a while, my attention was drawn to a field of weeds with tons of grasshoppers mating in them. Without telling anyone, I got my net a set to filling a jar with those critters. I baited one up with no weight and floated it through the inlet. FISH ON! A trout hit that bait like a ton of bricks and bent my pole in a U shape. We ate trout that night. Just goes to show: Show fish the species they are accustomed to consuming and catch them in the process. It works.

--Steve B.


I finally bit the bullet and bought a 2010 Z520 from a friend of mine. Let me say that I am more than pleased. I am looking forward to the next several years.

--Matthew B.

2014 521C Ranger Boat

My new 2014 Ranger 521C is the Mac Daddy of bass boats. I am so impressed with the engineering, craftsmanship and quality of the boat from comfort to safety. The technology built into the boat enhances its fishability for someone like me who really enjoys a good day on the water with family and friends. A Ranger Boat is the boat to own.

--Anthony B.


I just recently purchased my first Ranger boat in January of this year. It's a 2014 Z518C with the Ranger Cup colors powered by a Mercury Pro XS 200. All I can say is I love the boat and I will be a Ranger owner for life. Cant wait to pay this one off so I can get a Ranger bay boat. Thanks Forrest and everyone at Ranger.

--Tyler A.

1600 V

I bought a friend's 1977 1600 V with tiller steering. It has been stored a few years, but I'm cleaning it up. I know it's not a new flashy rig, but I have some great memories fishing in it and I am proud to have it in my garage.

--Tony L.

2006 Z19

Just bought a used 2006 Ranger Z19. I also have a four month old white Labrador that happens to be named Ranger. Both Rangers are great.

--Jeff T.
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