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Loving My Z119

Bought our 2013 Z119 in December of 2012. Cannot say enough about how pleased we are with it... Ranger is second to none.

--James G.

My 2015 Z119C

I just recently bought a 2015 Ranger Z119C and WHAT A RIDE!!!! I have always had Rangers in the past and they all have been good boats, had very few problems whatsoever. To all Ranger people involved from the workers to the retailers to the sales centers: I have had a wonderful experience with my last purchase with Renegade Marine in Leitchfield, KY 42754. They are superior in everything they do. My boat has the Mercury 225 Pro XS and it will easily run 70 plus mph. Has a smooth ride. Thanks Ranger!! Keep up the Good work!!!

--Bryan L.

2014 Ranger Z518c

This is my 2nd Ranger. The stability of the boat is awesome... If someone is in the back you hardly feel them. The boat is really fun to drive. The hull seems to be a little faster and more responsive. More performance over the 2010 188vx I had. I was surprised at the speed as well...

Boat has a great layout. If problems come up Ranger will stand behind the product and take care of you!

--Jeff N.

Ranger Boats Model 487VS

It has been an excellent boat. Thanks.

--Merlin M.

1996 Ranger 492VS

My fourth boat and first Ranger... I purchased this 1996 Ranger a few months ago and had the seat covers replaced, installed new windshields, replaced the emblems and repowered it with a new 2014 Mercury 225 Pro XS. This Ranger is almost 20 years old but looks and rides like its 15 years newer! Even though its a 1996 model, it's by far the best built boat and best riding boat I've ever been in! Ranger Rocks!!

--Ty M.

New Ranger

My new Z119c is an awesome boat, better ride and the angler's station is perfect. Thanks.

--Bryan A.

All My Rangers

I just ordered my new 2015 RT178. It is my 5th Ranger boat. I have had Rangers since 1984: a 350v, then 1989 390v, 1993 391v, and 1999 519v. I have loved everyone of them and never in all the years have any of them let me down even in some very dangerous conditions on Lake Erie. My Ranger always got me home. I have now retired from tournament fishing and I know the RT will be perfect for my new bass fishing challenges. Can't wait for its arrival.

--Bill C.

2015 RT178

I bought my new Ranger RT178 (despite never seeing one in person) from Vic's in Kent, Ohio. I was able to get the engine broken in before the season ended here in PA. What a great bass boat. I couldn't be happier with the performance on the water, the fishability and awesome storage. This boat doesn't feel nor ride like an aluminum boat... it's solid and feels much heavier than it is. It's simply better than I hoped it would be. Thanks for building a product that's worthy of the Ranger name. One more thing, the people at Vic's are good people and easy to work with. The only negative is that I now have to wait until spring to get back in the boat.

--Larry S.

Ranger Z119C

Picked up my brand new Ranger Z119C yesterday and went to break in the Mercury. This is my first Ranger and I cannot say how happy I am with it. It rides and fishes better then any other boat I have ever been in. So glad to be a part of the Ranger family.

--David P.


I just recently purchased my first boat from Country Creek RV & Marine in Hattiesburg, MS. These guys are the newest Ranger dealer in MS and I was their first Ranger sale! All I have to say about this boat is WOW! I have zero complaints about this boat and all my other aluminum boat buddies are drooling over this beautiful new Ranger boat. Can't wait to start fishing some tournaments out of it.

--Adam P.

Ner Z118C From Angler's Port Marine

I've been wanting a Ranger since I was 20 and now I have my first one at 61. What can I say, life's challenges and the money didn't happen until now. All I can say is wow. I got exactly what I figured I'd been missing all of these years. Bought a new Z118C and I feel 20 again... what a boat. It was worth waiting for, but don't wait, feel like a kid when you ARE one. Thank you Ranger for making the Z118C, an affordable boat without compromise. I'm in wonderland!!!

--Steve C.

Angler 1880

I have just purchased my new Ranger 1880. What a wonderful boat. Special thanks to Schoeder's Marine(Rhinelander, Wisconsin) and especially Jon Koch. They made our experience fabulous. The Evinrude E-TEC is great. I am planning a trip to LOTW next summer so am very excited. My whole Ranger experience has been a Dream come true. My wife say's I have "Ranger Derangement" LOL

--Christopher Y.
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