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I Love My Ranger!

My 1990 Ranger 374V is testament that Ranger builds the best boats. I am the second owner of this boat and people stop me all the time and ask me what year it is as it looks like it just came out of the showroom. When I tell them that its a 1990 they do not believe me. The previous owner whom I know, took great care of it and I am doing the same. The boat still rides like it is new. And you wont find a smoother, dryer ride than in a Ranger.

--Steve C.

Reata 2050LS

Since I was a kid, I've dreamed of owning a Ranger bass boat. Nothing else would do. So I worked hard and got to the point where it was a reality. I'm in love with it, literally. I had to have a bass boat, the wife said it had to be family friendly (4 kids). I'm so grateful for the Reata 2050, the best of both worlds in one great boat. The wife and kids are jazzed. Thank you Ranger Boats for your dedication to quality and excellence all these years. You make the good times worth waiting for!

--John S.

1880 Angler Review

The 1880 Angler is my first Ranger boat. From a long time owner of a top competitor's boat, the 1880 Angler is in a class of its own. The boat is carefully designed for the avid fisherman. Accessories such as hide away tackle boxes and multiple dry storage make fishing convenient. Most importantly, the Angler handles those windy days with ease. A big thanks goes to Moritz Sport and Marine for their outstanding knowledge, service and attention to detail. Ranger Pro Jake Ell introduced me to Ranger Boats. His knowledge of proper rigging and accessories was very much appreciated.

--Steve S.

My 451v Ranger

I have looked all over the country for a 451v Ranger. I went into a local mom and pop boat dealer to pick up a prop for my dad's boat, and I got the surprise of a life time... my new 451 was sitting on the lot on consignment. It had been there less than 24 hours. I almost wrecked my truck pulling into the lot. What a shock! The boat I love found in my back yard. This boat is cherry and I couldn't be more excited!!!

--Michael H.


5th Ranger for us. I have had a 1987 680C, 1990 690, 1998 R93, 1993 690 and now a 2001 R93. We love our Rangers. The fact Ranger supports all the boats they make is very important to us. Help is just a call away.

--Jim & Lois P.

1997 519SVS

I bought my Ranger this past January (2014). This is the best bass boat that I have ever owned... Folks, Ranger boats offer the best and driest ride I have ever been in/owned. The 519SVS, (20.5') has so much room. I have the extended deck so I have plenty of room for two on the bow's casting deck. I have installed Lowrance HDS 7 and 8 with LSS2 Gen2's. I am preparing to install two Power-Poles very soon. I have a Minn-Kota TM 80#, looking to install a Fortrex very soon as well. I have installed L.E.D. lighting on and under the Ranger Trail trailer. This boat is a MUST see, absolutely Beautiful!! Ranger Boats are the BEST ever made. Thanks Ranger !!

--Chuck L.

1996 487VS Comanche

We purchased our boat used but in immaculate condition. It has the mercury 200EFI. It has been the best boat we have ever owned. PERIOD!! It is reliable, roomy, space for everything you need, safe and steady, rides like a cadillac and a beauty to see going down the river or pulled down the road!!!
No boat can even compare!
Our dream is to one day own a brand new one. Thanks, Ranger for your commitment to quality!!!

--Tina and Glenn B.

New Z521c

I love my Ranger Boats!! Simply put. I just picked up my second Ranger this week. I previously had a Ranger 188VX Comanche and what a great boat and decided to take the step up and traded up to the Z521c with a 250 Evinrude!! All I can say is wow!! These boats are truly awesome!! I am a Ranger guy through and through and I can tell you that will never change! Had a great experience as I did with my first Ranger dealing with DT Powersports in Uxbridge, ON Canada, top notch folks that know their Ranger boats and know how to take care of their customers!

--Ken B.

Ranger Forever

I purchased a 1999 Ranger R83 Sport back in February. This is my first fiberglass boat and I absolutely love the way it rides. There's nothing like riding in the best and even for its age she still shines. Hats off to Ranger Boats for building these awesome boats. When it is time to get a bigger boat, there will no other choice than Ranger.

--Jesse M.

My New Ranger Is AWESOME!

I have a new 2015 Z118c and am amazed at the quality, handling, and performance. I had waited a very long time to purchase a new boat and am so happy I am a Ranger owner! It has been a life changing event for me and now I can run and fish anywhere I want with confidence! Also....Ranger dealers are the best I have seen at customer service and satisfaction!

--Steve S.

Hooked On Ranger

I bought my first Ranger, a 1983 330V, in 1996. Later I found a deal on a used 374V and purchased it in 1998. In 2010 I purchased a 2004 185VS with a 175 Merc and Paralift Jackplate. It is an awesome boat. I still have all three and wax and shine on them every week. They are my pride and joy. I feel they are the very best boat on the market and plan to keep them forever. Thanks to Forrest Wood for creating such a great boat. I take great pride in owning them.

--Kenny C.

2008 40th Anniversary Z21 w/ Evinrude 250 E-Tec H.O.

Just purchased my first Ranger. Love it! I am adding new Lowrance HDS 12 and HDS 7 Touch units and will be using a Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 1 or HDS 8 Gen 1 for instrumentation.

--Dale T.
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