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Ranger Z118c

My son and I have fished from a 14ft boat for the past 7 years. We have some great memories from that boat. We realized neither of us is getting younger or smaller, so we purchased our first Ranger. It is a 2014 Z118c. It has rained every day since we brought it home, but we need the rain in NC, so I am not complaining. It is tucked away in our garage, and we both sit in it every night before we go to bed. We love it, and we cannot wait to make new memories in our new Ranger!!

--Matt C.

New 2015 Angler 2080VS

My uncle had a Ranger 30 years ago, was super impressed. I picked my new one up three weeks ago and every day off have been on Lake St Clair... The 250 Verado is amazingly quiet and so powerful. This boat shouts class, durability and is so fun to operate.

My retirement boat!! 9 more years!!

--Mike H.

New RT178

We just finished the survey sent to us it's good to see a company interested in the opinion of the buyer after the sale. This boat was a Father's Day gift to my husband Mike an we couldn't be more pleased. Steve, Mike and all the people at Knox Marine were fantastic and meeting Kim an Larry at the spring show was great. Keep on keeping on. You are doing it right. It's clear to see why you're the industry leader.

--Sharon P.

THIS is why you own a Ranger!

RE: 1996 462VS; I still LOVE it!

I keep this old boat very nearly showroom perfect - with a little help from the GREAT parts support provided by Ranger...

I currently own several boats ranging in size from 19 to 34 feet and over the last thirty or so years have owned more than a dozen others. In my experience, NO company comes close to the after sale support that Ranger provides. In addition, Ranger quality is the real deal - I am the original owner and my Ranger still runs, performs and looks just like it did the day I bought it. Maybe that is why this boat is today worth nearly exactly what I paid for it when brand new.

Kudos and a high five to the folks at Ranger!

--Travis H.

Best Bay Boat Ever - 220 Bahia

Just took my Ranger 220 Bahia out for the first time and it rides like a dream. I have owned several center console boats over the years and have never had one that was so well balanced smooth ride as this 220 Bahia. You can see the true craftsmanship in the fit in finish. Thank You Ranger Boats, my purchase was an easy decision.

--Mark M.


I just picked up my third Ranger. I ran another brand for years until 2012 when I got my first z521. WOW!! Wish I had been in them way earlier. From comfort to attention to detail, they are by far the best bass boats on the market. Keep up th good work guys!! Thanks for the great ride I have in my new 2016 Z521c!!

--Robby F.

1988 363V Bass Masters Classic

Well I am new to the Ranger world. My Dad and Brother-In Law's both have Rangers and I have always been a tad envious. Last weekend I purchased a 1988 363V Bass Master Classic and absolutely LOVE it. It has been garage kept, so pretty much in new condition. It runs great with the Johnson GT150 and tracks perfect in the water. What a boat! Can't wait to get it out to do some serious fishing! My wife is my fishing buddy, but doesn't always fish. She loves the bench seat and the cushion bench up front. I can enjoy my fishin and she can enjoy her book reading. What a rig! I'm a Ranger owner for life!

--Steve R.

The Real Deal

I purchased a new 2015 Ranger Z118c from Vic's Sport Center, my local Ranger dealer, beginning of the year coming fresh out of the college fishing circuits to fish the FLW Rayovac Series. I am extremely proud to be a Ranger boat owner and have to say their service team at FLW events does an amazing job taking care of issues that arise putting the boat through some of the toughest conditions. Ranger is by far the best boat I have ever ran!

--Jonathan C.

My 1st Ranger

Awesome boat! I purchased a Z519c - the best I have ever owned. I see all the quality and the details are second to none. Thanks for building the best bass boat ever. Power Source Marine is #1. Bruce Duncan runs a great business. Thanks!

--Robert J.

Ranger Boats

The personal attention and commitment to your customers is beyond anything I've ever experienced. Thank you Ranger for a total commitment to customer satisfaction. I love my Ranger.

--Brett G.


Have had my Z119c w/ Merc 225Pro XS for about a month. Bought from Toho Marine in St Cloud, FL. Joe and his people are awesome to deal with. Friendly and down to earth. I was the second owner of a 96 362XT that I had since 99 and knew Ranger was the only boat for me. This maybe the last boat I ever have to buy again!

--Bud M.

2000 Ranger 518vx

My whole life I have wanted a Ranger boat. I finally got the opportunity to get one and I jumped on it... All I can say is I will always have a Ranger from now on! I love my Ranger!!

--Travis W.
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