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No One Can Believe It

I've had my 2014 Z521c for 7 months now and every single person (no exaggeration) comments on how smooth and solid the boat feels. The most common phrase is, "I love your boat." That's great, because so do I!!! Thanks, Ranger Boats for making this FLW/BFL fisherman one happy customer!

--Jimmy S.

My Dream 2015 Z521c

Grew up fishing in a Ranger with my Dad. Spent 21 years in the Navy on BIG gray boats, retired and bought a Z21-I. Decided I wanted the new 2015 Z521c, gave my Dad the 2013 Z21-I and I just picked up my new 2015 Z521c! Ranger will always be in our family. Going to contact the shop and see about having the 1983 Ranger refurbished for my son. The best boats ever built. Thank ya'll for bringing our family together and creating some of the best days in my childhood... fishing with Dad.

--James W.

1989 Ranger 354V

I have had 3 Ranger boats over the years. I went through a time where I wasn't able to fish much and sold the 1993 374V I had for years. Almost immediately things changed, I had time to fish and started looking for another Ranger. I found an 1989 model 354V for sale by original owner's family and bought it last fall. The boat had been stored for quite awhile and is in excellent condition. A little cleaning, new batteries, fresh fuel,the carbs cleaned, and the Mercury 150XR4 started right up. I ordered kits for the livewell controls and everything works perfectly. You'd never know it was 25 plus years old! Having fished it this spring I have found I love this style and size. By the way, all upholstery in my Ranger is original and like new!Just another note that proves the quality of these boats.

--David H.

1977 Ranger

Just pulled her out of storage. This is a one family boat. Bought by my grandpa as a last year's model in 1978, and eventually passed down to my dad around 1994. I finally took written posession this spring, although I've been using it and had verbal posession the last 4 years or so.

Going to rewire, upgrade electronics, upgrade livewells and give her a good buffing for this year. Can't go wrong with a Ranger. My grandpa upgraded to a 17' Ranger walleye boat.

--Jacob Y.

New Z119C

Just bought my new Z119c about 2 weeks ago only had it out once so far and loved it. Can't wait for tomorrow though, it will be my first tournament in the new boat and my son's fist tournament EVER and he is super excited to ride in the new boat and compete.

Thanks Ranger for an AWESOME ride!

--Jason F.

1987 Ranger 395V

I am the third owner of my Ranger 395V. This is the best boat I have ever owned. It may be old by years, but is like new off the show room floor. This boat serves my family and friends well... Only time will tell the true quality a company puts in their products. Thank you Ranger.

--Eric L.

My New "Used" 1988 360V

Just purchased my new used 360V Red Man All American. For being 27 years old, this boat looks nearly showroom condition. The dead batteries were tagged 1994 and the last registration was in 2003. The original owner bought it new fished a few years then put it in the shed. It is AMAZING!! This is my 3rd Ranger and I am in love with this vintage rig!

We drained all the old fuel, added some sea foam and fresh gas and the Evinrude 150XP fired up and purred like a kitten. She has life again! Thanks Ranger for the quality you build into these boats!

--Jim C.

New Z119 Ranger w/ 225 Mercury Pro XS

My wife and I just purchased our new Z119 Ranger w/ 225 Mercury Pro XS. We are very proud to become part of the Ranger family. We love our new boat!!

--Jimmy N.

I Love My New Ranger VS1780

This is my first new boat I have purchased. The craftsmanship is why I will never buy anything other Than Ranger again. For being an aluminum boat it is quiet running in chop. I love the seats and the rod locker. I can't forget to mention Vic's Sports Center... they were great from helping me pick my boat to sending me home with it.

--Robert K.

2310 Bay Ranger Lover

Ever since I was a little boy, I fished alongside my father off the coast of Miami, Florida. After 20 years of fishing for yellowtail's I still had a love for the water but a sour taste for offshore fishing. In 2008, God blessed me with a baby boy and at the age of two, he casted his first line. I knew it was time to buy a boat. Well, Im happy to say my son is now turning 7 and both he and his 5 year old sister love to fish and they love their 2310 Bay Ranger.... oh, and so does dad. Outstanding performance for a bay boat and yes, sometimes we even go offshore for the infamous yellowtail.

--Julian C.


I just had to write a note on the boat that I took delivery of a week ago. Traded for a new VS1780 Deep V. I ordered this boat back in late January and had been eagerly anticipating its arrival. When I learned Ranger was in the aluminum business I knew that was the way I would go. I just have to say my early impression is "Wow". In one week I've had it out 4 times with two of those in very rough water and it is amazing! We are getting ready to take it to Minnesota in a couple weeks and I have no doubt it will handle everything we throw at it. I can't wait to see how it will be received in the "north country". I ordered this boat with the E-TEC 135, a new Ulterra trolling motor, and then decided to have a 12' Talon mounted on. This is truly my dream rig and I just have to say, thanks Ranger!

--Jack N.

I Love my New Reata!

I recently purchased a Ranger Reata and I LOVE IT!
I am amazed at how much quality Ranger has put into so many aspects of this boat. Every little detail is top quality and the engineering and attention to detail is unlike any other boat I've been in. A friend of mine (who owns a competitor's boat) came over to check out my new ride and he went on and on about the features my Ranger has that his boat doesn't.

I'm sold! I have a strong feeling that I will be a Ranger owner for life. :)

--Eric W.
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