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Ranger Quality Parts and Service

I have a 2000 R93 bass boat I bought several years ago used from a dealer was a trade in. I fish this boat 75 to a 100 days a year and it is great. I love my Ranger and will keep it forever.
I have learned what a solid, well built boat it is over the years. I have often said if I won a boat at a tournament I would sell it and keep my Ranger. I also have discovered what a fine company Ranger is. They still stock every part for my boat and they will bend over backwards to keep you fishing. I ordered a deck extension for my boat and when it came, it was keyed like the rest of my compartments. Wow Ranger! boat is 16 years old. They have made 2 fenders for my trailer and they match my boat gel coat perfectly... try that with one of the competitors... good luck! I also plan to start touring with my Ranger platform will be my old Ranger ...still fishing right along side all you new and shiny boats. Thank you Ranger Boats.

--Reggie Q.

New Ranger Z518

We picked up our new 2016 Ranger Z518 on April 30. We fished our first tournament in it on May 14 and had our first ever top 10 finish in the Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail Pennsylvania Central Division! Coincidence? I don't think so! Thanks, Ranger!

--Darin W.

My new to me 371V

I love my 1986 371v Ranger - its matched with a 6 inch jackplate and a 1989 175hp Evinrude xp.

--Brian Z.

Ranger Z520

I'm so happy with my new Ranger Z520!! This is my 3rd Ranger boat & I wouldn't have anything else. Not only does Ranger have great boats & products, they also have one of the best maintenance programs and the guy's at Toho Marine & Outdoors made the purchase of my new boat a wonderful experience.

--William D.

New Ranger 620FS

Well I am now onto my 4th Ranger boat. I started with a z518, then to a z521(where I owned 2 of them), and now with taking a lot of people out with me and family I just went to the 620FS with a new G2. Words can't describe how happy I am with this rig! I will miss the bass boat for some things, but having this 620 I know there is nothing that will hold me back! I will always own a Ranger and can't speak highly enough of the boats and quality into them. Looking forward to making some new fun memories in this 620!!

--Dustin L.

2006 Ranger Reata 180VS

Last weekend my dream came true! I have been admiring the Ranger Reata from afar for many years. I always knew I'd get one, but just never knew when I'd be able to. Mine is powered by a 2006 Yamaha Vmax and man does it go! Finally my wife and kids can stop complaining about how restrictive my old bass boat was. We finally have a GREAT family boat that doesn't disappoint when it comes to fishing! Oh yeah, boy is it pretty!

--Ray S.

My New Ranger

I just got my new to me 210 Reata with 225 Optimax! I love it! Such high quality.

--Aaron S.

New Ranger Phantom 168

Purchased a 2016 Phantom 168 on Thursday April 22, 2016. 70F Yamaha, twin power poles and the I-pilot on the front... Love the layout and room in this boat.

--Robert W.

Love My Ranger 487VS

I really have enjoyed my 1995 Ranger 487VS with a 200 Johnson on it. In rough water it rides good. I am restoring it and I'm surprised of how well this boat has stayed together for as old as it is. Will definitely buy another.

--Rex R.

Got A Newer Ranger

I got me a newer Ranger in February and man oh man what a boat. It's a 2010 Z522 running a Mercury 250 and it's great out of the water. I had a 1999 and it was a good boat, but this one is a dream come true. I just don't think there is a better boat out there to be had than a Ranger.

--Monty S.

2005 185VS

I just bought my first Ranger bass boat. I have had several other bass boats in the past and liked them all. However, after buying this Ranger, I am truly amazed how superior the Ranger is compared to others. The quality is second to none. If you haven't checked out the Ranger videos on how they are made on "YouTube" it is a must see. Thank you Ranger for making me a part of your family and a very happy man.

--Brian S.

NEW 2014 Z21 CI with 2016 Yamaha SHO

Brought a NEW 2014 Z21 CI with 2016 250hp Yamaha SHO, dual power poles, iLink troll, etc. I waited 14 years for this exact model & make! - "Real Love for REAL!".

I watched all the Ranger build videos before buying. - Ranger is the best built for sure.

--Barrett B.
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