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1996 487VS

Waited 25 years to buy my first Ranger. I bought a showroom looking 487 with a 200 Merc EFI. Gentleman I bought from kept it in showroom condition and actually teared up when I drove away with it. After 2 days on the lake I understand why. Very Glad I didn't settle for any other boat. I Love my Ranger.

--Tom H.

RT178 tournament boat

I just bought a RT178 tournament aluminum boat last weekend. It has the 75hp Mercury Eco Fourstroke motor on it. We live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona and love to go out on the Colorado River and fish. We were very impressed with the power it had coming out of the hole to plane, the ease it had cutting through other boat wakes, and the stability of the fishing decks while casting and moving around... I'm glad I saw a Ranger before I decided to purchase. There is no comparison between the two (Ranger hands down the best, quality, stability, looks, service)

I have feeling my grandkids will be enjoying this boat well into the future.

Thanks Ranger!

--Richard G.

My Second Ranger!

Just purchased my second ranger in Jacksonville, FL. I bought it from the owner who had it stored in his boathouse since new. You could put this thing in a museum! The trailer had never even been licensed.

Ran my new (to me)393V on the Big O' for a week and then hauled her back to Canada. 63 mph with full tanks and 3 guys in the boat!

Shes sitting in my driveway waiting for the spring thaw...The anticipation is killing me!

--Cole E.

26 Year Owner

Thought about getting a newer boat, I have decided not to. Love this old boat too much. 371V I have literally wore out carpet and seats. Time for a restore - thats the plan - old Rangers and old guys rock!

--John N.

1988 363V Ranger

1995 Johnson 175 faststrike 68 mph gps. HDS 7 gen 2 and HDS 5 gen 2 with lss2 structure scan I have completely restored this boat. I have had 4 bass boats... this 1988 363 is the best bass boat I have ever owned. The ride and the way it takes rough water I can imagine what a new one would be like. If you're looking for a bass boat RANGER IS THE BEST good luck fishing and I'll see you on the LAKE. I LOVE MY RANGER!

--Bill J.

New Ranger

I own a 1980 375V I/O . Best bass rig I have ever had. I've owned this boat for for 32 years had one engine rebuild about 12 years ago, other than that I have never had the first problem with it. Last week I purchased a new RT188 with a opti max 115. So far this boat has impressed the hell out of me. If you haven't checked them out yet you should . Same 'Ranger quality we have all come to expect.

--Mike G.

Ranger 518c

I can't express how much I love my new 2014 518C. This boat is unbelievable. From everything to how fast is gets on plane, to the handling, the fisherman friendly lay out or how stable it is at rest... I mainly fish Barkley and Kentucky lake. If you're in the market for an 18 ft boat….don't hesitate to buy this model. I searched every manufacturer out there... The fit and finish is 2nd to none. And the boat is unbelievable.

--James M.

2013 Ranger Z118 Bass Boat

Took my 2013 ranger bass boat out for the first time for me anyway & the experience was way beyond expectations. With it's 4 stroke 150hp motor, it shot out of the hole onto plane immediately and kept the nose down flat even when trimming up at 60mph. Amazing smoothness that I have never felt prior to this. 4 stroke motors are extremely quiet too. Love it !

--Kevin D.

Our 2005 620 VS Firsherman Series

My wife and I still Love our Ranger. People We take out tell us it is the smoothest boat on the water when it is a little windy here up on Lake Champlain. When the pros were here a few years ago they loved it too, saying this is what we need on these waters. That made us feel good. We get compliments all the time it is a real sharp boat. I made a smaller second portable rear deck to mount my electric down riggers onto for when I want to troll for the Salmon with my 225 Mercury Optimax with the added Smart Craft Control, It does a great job. Thanks Ranger for all the fun years of multi species fishing time!

--William G.

Love the SUN...

WOW, what a LONG winter! Finally pulled the 620 out of the garage from a LONG winters nap. All I can say is WOW. I run a 2012 620 Fisherman. Nothing compares to a RANGER. You fold back the tarp and it hits you... Am I dreaming? You climb up into the machine and wow! The fit and finish is 2nd to NONE. All I can say is I will NEVER (never say never right).... Well, "NEVER" will I run anything but a Ranger! High and Dry baby!! High and Dry.

--Jason B.

1994 Comanche 481V

I bought my 1994 Comanche 481V boat new. I only have about 200 hours on the boat and motor. Work has not allowed me to use it much over the last 10 years. It is great to know that this garage and custom boat cover has kept this a beauty. All I do is prime the fuel line/bubble and this baby cranks right up. In the last 20 years, all I have replaced is the engine computer, batteries, and several water pumps. This metallic candy apple red boat still gets the attention of other boat owners. I plan to keep my baby 20 more years.

--John M.

1987 Ranger 396V

I purchased a 1987 Ranger 396V new before getting married and starting a family. It was and still is perfect for my needs. I figured it would last ten or so years when I bought it. Boat has been garage kept since 1994. Two years ago a fiberglass guy who did some work on it couldn't beleive the condition and quality. He was blown away by the trailer which I recently replaced because of an accident. My two teenage kids argue who will get the boat when I'm gone. I'm convinced that this boat will easily last fifty years.

--Eugene S.
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