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Ranger 350V

I bought a new Ranger 350V in Phoenix, AZ in 1987. It has been pulled all over the country to the best bass lakes I could find. I still have it and it's in extremely good condition. It's been stored inside all these years and still looks as good as it did 28 years ago. I don't think there's a better bass boat on the market. If I ever do wear this boat out and need another bass boat, it'll be another Ranger.

--William J.

My New Ranger Z520

So, so happy... just picked up my new Z520c Ranger boat. I can't say more.

--Danny K.


...I am blown away with not only the performance of the RT188, but how close it comes to the luxuries of the fiberglass editions. I can't say enough about the Ranger. It is way more than the name and that is off the charts. I love my Rangers....all of them.

--Earl S.

2015 FOM Stren National Tournament

I purchased my new Ranger Z520CI just a couple of months ago and I could not be happier with it's performance. I believe the easy access live well system design with the clear plastic sliders allowed me and my partner to cull our fish more efficiently and accurately. I feel it was this along with the overall boat performance which allowed us to win the 2015 Fishers of Men Stren National Tournament, held in Florida on the Harris Chain of Lakes. Thank you Ranger Boat designers!

--Glenn W.

A Lifetime With Ranger

I bought my Ranger in 1990 as my first boat. It was a 333V Comanche. Now, 25 years later I just retired and decided to order a new Z518C Comanche. And talk about retaining their value, I just sold my old boat and... the first person who saw it, bought it. I can't wait for my new boat to get here! Thanks again Ranger!

--Steve S.

1850 Reata

I Love my Reata coming from an aluminum fishing boat. My wife and I had a (2) year old daughter when we found out she was having twins. I wanted to make sure my family experienced the outdoors and the water like I did growing up. I mentioned to my wife that the (5) of us were not going to fit in and enjoy my little fishing boat. It took me a while, but after she sat in one I was able to convince her that the 1850 Reata was the boat for us. It fits our family of (5) with ease. It also doubles as a hard core fishing boat for when I go on the guy trips.

The last two months of my wife's pregnancy with our twins she was on BED rest. I know this makes me sound like the husband of the year, but I dragged her down to the dealer on bed rest so that she could pick out the color of our new boat. About 2 hours after the twins were born, I received an email from my dealer that the boat had arrived. What a great day, (2) healthy babies and a new Ranger. It doesn't get any better than that!

--Bryan K.

Best Aluminum Bass Boat I've Seen

I had a 28 year old aluminum boat. I wanted another aluminum boat and had shopped all the available brands for a couple of years. This year I went to a boat show and saw the Ranger RT188. It had everything I was looking for. I bought the one at the show. After looking at all the features I was surprised at how affordable it was.

I love it! It is a great fishing boat with plenty of storage for gear. The ride is smooth and fast and it handles choppy water well. The trailer is perfect. Easy to load and unload. The boat performs exactly as advertised. I got mine with a 115 Evinrude E-TEC. So far it is flawless; starts instantly and idles down to about 2 miles an hour. At full throttle it will approach 50 miles an hour. I am really happy with this rig. You won't find a better aluminum bass boat.

--Andy W.

2014 Z119c

I purchased my new Ranger Z119c from Toho Marine in St. cloud, FL on 3-14-14. I love this boat. For a 19 1/2 boat with the Merc Pro XS 225, 10 inch Atlas jack plate and 25 pitch Fury prop the boat flies... The folks at Toho Marine were excellent. I will never have to buy another boat again, but if I do I will definitely buy from them again. This boat draws a lot of attention! Thanks Ranger!!

--Charles S.

Z518 review

I purchased my sixth Ranger, a Z518, to fish smaller waters that were horsepower restricted. Coming from a 21' Ranger, I was worried about giving up space and performance. The Z518 exceeded all of my expectations of a smaller boat. The storage is laid out perfectly and there is plenty of room to fish more than comfortably. The 200HP rating gives this boat great performance! This was also my first time ordering a boat to my specifications. My dealer, Angler's Port Marine in Warsaw, MO, helped me with all the details and I couldn't be happier!

--Chris K.

Ranger Z519C

Very nimble, quick and responsive to driver inputs. The layout of the boat is perfect for a 19.5' boat and with the 225 horsepower rating it is no slouch in the performance fact it will give the "big" brothers all that they want in "performance". Great job Ranger on building the "perfect" boat for me.

--Roger R.

Awesome New RT188

I just recently took delivery of my new RT188 and absolutely love the boat. One of my best purchases ever! It has a Mercury 115 motor, Lowrance Elite-7 CHIRP in the console, an Elite-9 CHIRP ball mounted at the stern and a 70# Minn-Kota 24V trolling motor. We put it on the water this weekend and ran the necessary time for motor break in, plus used the few allowed ten seconds bursts of full throttle. What a great, smooth riding boat. Plenty of deck space for two or even three to fish. All kinds of storage space for tackle, equipment and rods. The RT188 is an awesome package. Perfect for what I desire in a fishing boat. Perfect ten!

--Jim R.

Ranger Z118c

I just purchased my first Ranger Z118c and it is loaded. The Z118c is all I need... this boat fits perfect in my garage... The layout of the boat is tremendous and definitely designed for a serious angler. I looked at a lot of boats before choosing the one I did, but I am so glad I chose Ranger over the other brands.

--Matthew C.
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