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New / Used 2006 Reata

I finally got one! Waited until I was 47 but it was worth it. Just picked up a great 2006 Reata 18VS with a Yamaha 150 4-stroke. Prefect condition and runs like a champ, like I always thought it would. Now, I'm one of those guys blowing by - except nicer!!! Perfectly designed family and fish boat - Thanks guys!

--Joe T.

1988 Ranger 374V

I have a 1988 Ranger 374V in excellent condition... love this boat! Just put a brand new 2012 Mercury 150 Optimax on it. Really love this boat!

--Richard M.

1999 Ranger

Just purchased boat 2 weeks ago, me and my son are enjoying it. He's 14 and the boat was bought for him for making good grades in school. It is a 99, but it is like owning a new one to us. Thanks!

--Jeff K.

New 2013 620VS

Just have to say Ranger makes the best quality boat on the market. Started out the year in a 2012 1850RS which is a awesome boat and as the year went on we wanted more room so we ordered a 2013 620VS and wow!!! can only say how they are... thank you Ranger.

--Justin K.


I recently was paired with Bill Day during a BASS Event. During the course of conversation during the day I learned that Bill was the owner of Day's Marine Sales in Kentucky. At the time I owned a 520VX and ended up trading my 520VX for a Z520. I will tell you that Bill is one of the ole fashion dealers, you know the type that knows his product, tells the truth and is fair. The Z520 is my second Ranger and is second to none in stability, sea worthness, ride, features and dependability. I understand why other manufacturers try to imitate Ranger. There just isn't another bass boat that meets the standard of Ranger. Weither you are standing on the deck fighting a bass or cruising down the lake you will be thankful that you are in a Ranger!!!!

--Than H.

My Old Army Buddies

I retired from the Army in 2003 and started fishing a small tournament with some of my old Army Buddies. I noticed they were all fishing out of older Rangers so I had to ask... well I was informed that you only had to fish out of a Ranger one time and you will understand. Two years later I did just that and now I’m a Ranger owner. I restored a 1984 370V and she’s like me Old but still in her prime. It’s a lesson well learned... fish it one time you will never go back. I Love My Ranger!

--Christopher W.

1st Ranger

I just bought my first Ranger. It is a 2003 519VX with a 200 EFI. The boat and motor only had 67 hrs on it. The gentleman bought himself a new 2013 Ranger. I love this boat. I couldn't imagine owning any other bass boat.

--Del S.

Great Boat

I have a 1987 360V and it's an awesome boat... Ranger Boats ROCK!!! Thanks!

--Gary B.

First Ranger

I just purchased my first Ranger. It is a 06' Z20 with a Yamaha HPDI 225. I truly believe there are Rangers and then bass boats. I will have one for life!

--Rob A.

I Love My Rangers

I purchased a 330V many years ago and still fish from it. I have also purchased a 374V and a 185VS, all running and in excellent condition. People ask me why I have three Ranger boats and I say I just can't get rid of any of them. They become part of the family. I fish from them, clean them, and pet them all the time. Forrest Wood changed the fishing world with Ranger Boats.

--Kenny C.

1981 Ranger 1600V III

I just found a mint Ranger just sitting in a garage...
LOVE MY RANGER.... A life long dream!

--Mike U.

1984 Ranger 350V and my new E-TEC 150

I love my Ranger and my new ETEC. Yes, repowered and loving it. Fuel miles are great and boat still dry. I bought the boat from my grandfather that fished 300 days plus each year. He recently passed away and I am fishing every day I can, 200 plus day each year with the new motor. Thanks for the chance to brag about my family and my wonderful Ranger.

I love it and all the memories that surround it and the legendary status that it represents.

--Lotchia J.
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