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My First Ranger

I just ordered my first Ranger Bass Boat yesterday . I ordered the new 2013 Z117. I now remember what is is like to be a kid waiting for X-Mas. What a quality bass boat...

--Matt M.

My 1st Ranger

I just purchased my first Ranger. It's a 1994 354V with a 150 XR6 Merc for a motor. I have wanted a Ranger bass boat ever since I was 16 and went out on my uncle's Ranger bass boat. I am 40 now and just found out I'm to be a grandpa so now I have an awesome boat that my grandkids can enjoy. I am not disappointed, matter of fact I LOVE the Ranger... it's got to be the best boat out there. I don't know why I didn't buy one before now. So if your reading this and you dont own one, go get get one! THEY ARE AWESOME!

--James C.

My 1993 364V

Love my Ranger! Just wish Ranger would host a owners' invitational here in Arkansas. That would be Awesome! I would like to see that happen.

--Richard C.

My New 2012 Reata

My wife and I recently purchased a 2012 Reata 186VS as a combo Fish & Ski. This boat was a move from aluminum to fiberglass and we cannot be happier. People ask what it costs and my answer is always the same, "after a day on the water watching the laughter of my family it's priceless". Thank you for building such a great fishing boat disguised as a ski boat for the family.

--John W.

Ranger 165VS

I just bought a 2005 Ranger 165VS. I absolutely love this boat.

--Michael A.

New Boat, New Identity

I have fished for years out of many brand X boats, always with my eye of one day owning the best. July 18, 2012 I bought the best... Ranger Z118. Fished a tournament that night first time on the water excited and proud to be launching a brand new Ranger. I'm not just a fisherman any more, I'm a Ranger Fisherman.

--David S.

Revived Ranger

I inherited my grandpa's 1997 Ranger Boat. After months of work it's looking almost new! Put her out on the water... still rides like it did the day we brought her home! Thank you Ranger Boats for building such an awesome ride! Miss you PaPa!

--Spencer L.

Ranger Bass Rig

I just bought a 2003 Ranger 521DVX NASCAR LTD. I have fished from Rangers for a long time and always wanted to own one. Now I have one and I'm sure going to enjoy it. Can't wait to take it out for the first time.

--Wallace T.

Ranger Reata

We bought our Ranger Reata a little over five years ago after taking a tour of the Ranger facility. I will NEVER own anything but a Ranger! It is great for fishing and playing and we LOVE our Ranger!

--Mary Jo J.

My Ranger Boat

I have recently purchased my second Ranger Boat (520SVX). My first was a Ranger 374 XT that I purchased new from Bedford Sales. My experince with Ranger Boats has been great with each boat. My sons were riding in a Ranger since they were 5 years old and now one of them is also a Ranger owner with a 2000 518VX. Thanks Ranger for building a safe and quality boat for me and my family.

--Mike G.

Ranger Reata 1850

This boat gets used all of the time, fishing, trolling (lots of trolling, thanks Evinrude ETEC!!) and tubing. The ride is still amazing over rough water, but the fuel economy is the most amazing thing; what an efficient hull! And, it doesn't hunt side to side when trolling, rock stable and keeps the exact direction without jockying the steering wheel. First boat ever like this. I may keep this forever!!

--Joseph W.


I'm 22 and I just bought my first Ranger - a 1995 17 foot R72 Sport with a 115 Evinrude. She flys... I can do 53 mph. It's decent on gas, rides very smooth and there is quite a bit of storage on the rig. rod boxes aren't very big, but in 1995 people wern't using 7-8 foot poles. I just love the boat. She still sparkles like new. I love the head turns we get on the way to the ramp. Ranger for life!

--Jesse V.
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