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Ranger 373V

I purchased a 1984 373V 4 years ago. This boat is great. It is in amazing condition and a great boat to fish with. Never have had a Ranger before this, but will never change now.

--Terry c.

1988 Ranger 373V

I just bought my very first 1988 Ranger 373V Bass Boat on eBay for $3500. 2 Owner Books and Records. The boat was re-engined in 1992 with an Evinrude 150 Spitfire and 22 Pitch Ryker Prop. Evinrude 41# 24VDC Trolling Motor. OEM Ranger Trailer in very good condition with new carpet, bunks, new bearings and Goodyear Marathon Tires. Everything works on this rig. I have inspected every square inch of this boat, motor, and trailer, and concluded that the quality of the Ranger Boat is simply second to none. Every Bass Boat Owner I spoke to said IF you are going to buy a fishing boat buy a Ranger. Truer words have never been spoken. My Ranger is 24 years old and still going strong. Thank You.

--Stephen JP I.

My Ranger Boat

Bought my fourth Ranger Since 92' and have had it for two months now. I downsized to the Z118.

Today our old farts club fished Sweetwater Lake in winds of 20-30 mph.

I was told the profile of this boat would make a difference in wind. That is an understatement. The engineering sets this boat apart from all others. I held it into the wind on the trolling motor and never got a drop of water on my shoes. And it was not difficult!

I love this Ranger!

--Mike M.

My 1992 391 RANGER

After owning several other types of hot rod bass boats I was told that if I ever bought a Ranger it would be my last. Well, I did in July of 1991 and it has been the last boat that I bought. It still looks new today, rides better than most, runs as fast as I want too and gets more looks than lots of newer boats. I have had to replace several motors but not the boat. Thank you Forrest Wood for building the best quality bass boat years ahead of its time. I DO LOVE MY RANGER !

--Reggie J.

Ranger Number 2

I recently bought my second Ranger bass boat. My first was a 1980 350V that the outboards couldn’t keep up with. So without a doubt, and lots of searching, I just purchased a 2000 518DVX. Again bet this boat will outlast any outboard on it. Solid smooth and dry is all I can say. Best and always will be the best.

--James T.

Ranger Z 518 comanche

My wife and I recently purchased a 2012 Z 518 Comanche with a Mercury 200 Pro XS. We upgraded to the tandem trailer, hotfoot, trim on wheel, and bucket seats. With all the other standard features the 500 series Rangers come with, it is truly the best performing bass boat I have been in to date. Thanks Ranger Boats for building my dream bass boat!!!!

--Jason G.

1988 Ranger 370 V

My father and I bought our Ranger used 15 years ago and we put a lot of great fish in that awesome fishing machine. My father passed away 3 years ago and I miss him every day. It took a long time for me to get back in that boat, but now I take my 15 year old son Ben with me. My hope is that he will cherish the memories fishing with me half as much as I cherish the memories of fishing with my dad in that great boat - a 1988 370V. Absolute zero complaints. Bass boat perfection. P.S. No it’s not for sale.

--David B.

Old Boat

I just bought my Uncle’s boat (Ranger 350-V 1985) after he passed away to keep it in the family. I have fished out of it for years and loved every time we went fishing. It is the best fishing boat out there. I would love to bring it back to its original beautiful shine looking like new again.

--Mark C.

The Only Boat to Own

I just purchased a 2012 Z119 with a 225 SHO. This is my third Ranger boat and I have been amazed with each one. I always say "you can't beat the ride of a Ranger" but somehow the ride just gets better with every model. The staff and facilities at Duncan Marine in Mississippi were the best I have ever seen. Thanks Ranger for the superior product and thanks for choosing the best dealers in America to promote them.

--Mike M.

New 619 Ranger

Just got a new 619 and Love It! It has everything and more! Guess I'll have to wait on new truck, but worth it!

--Chad W.

My First Ranger

I just purchased my first Ranger. I never thought I would really ever own a Ranger, but my 2008 520VX is unbelievable. Now I know what all of the fuss was about when people were bragging on the ride in a Ranger. I feel like I went from a Fiat to a Mercedes. Thanks for an awesome fishing boat.

--john t.


I have fished from a Ranger for 30 years…they are the best!!!! I have had three so far: a 370V, 360V, and I now have a 2003 185VS that I bought new.

--wil b.
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