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Ranger 361

Just bought my first Ranger. It's my second boat and the 361v easily out fishes the other boat I had. The boat is in amazing shape and I plan to keep it for a long time

--Stephen B.

New Z518

Picked up our new Z518 Legacy edition a couple of weeks ago. What a great boat, the Mercury 200 Pro XS makes a great combo. This is my 2nd Ranger. The first was a 1979 168V. Looking forward to a lot of great fishing with this new one. Thanks for still building legends!

--Derenzy K.

Love my Ranger

Just got my 2013 Ranger RT188 Dual Console with a 115 Yamaha 4 stroke. This is a fantastic boat at an outstanding price...

--David G.

My first Ranger

I own a 1995 Ranger Sport R72. I absolutely love this boat. Some day I hope to trade it for new 518, but until then, I will continue to enjoy it. It has everything in the world you could need in a bass boat. Thats all I will ever own, is a Ranger boat.

--Robby B.

Ranger Z522

Just took delivery on my 5th new Ranger and my 2nd Z522 and love it just as much as my very first one'. Ranger continues to build a safe, strong and beautifully crafted boat. I would not own any other brand and am constantly amazed at Rangers commitment to inovation and unsurpassed customer service. Many thanks to Connie Hill for her help with coloring my seats and the Ranger workers for building my dream rig'.

Thanks again everyone!

--Jack M.

Dream Come True

As a kid watching the Bassmasters on my dad's lap on the weekends I have always grown up wanting to own a Ranger. I am now 28 and a year ago I bought my first Ranger... a 2005 Ranger Z21 Comanche and I love my boat. So comfortable to fish out of and just take out for a boat ride. I do one day dream of owning a new Z521 one day soon. I will always be a Ranger owner.

--Luke B.


Me and my dad just got our first Ranger. We have had 1 other bass boat. I went a few year span with no boat fished out of the the back of many Rangers so I knew that one day we would get one. Well last weekend my wish came true. We went out to Reynolds Marine and it was between the 1995 Ranger 392V and a 2006 model from another brand and of corse we chose the 392V. It is in amazing condition it should be in the Ranger office rather than out fishing. That is how clean it is, not a single scrach stain or stress crack. Just wanted to write this to show how much I love Ranger Boats and hopfuly one day when I am on the pro trails I will still be in a Ranger.

--Max D.

Z518 to a Z521

My parents bought their first Ranger in 2006 and once I stepped foot in it I said I will own one someday. In 2010 I bought my first brand new Z518. Loved that boat, amazing all around fishing boat with the 200 SHO on the back. Well this year I traded it in for a 2011 Z521 with a 250 SHO on the back. It was a sad day seeing my first Ranger go, however I will always own one and I'm just as excited to get the new one on the water as I was with the first one. I will always own a Ranger - they are a true legend!

--Dustin L.

FINALLY, Ranger Number 2

I bought my first Ranger at a boat show in 2002. It was a 2001 175 with a Mercury. I love that boat. During the winter (I'm up north) I'd hang out with friends in the garage and we'd talk fishing as the snow fell while sitting in it. Caught my first muskie in it. Then I went to graduate school and had to sell it. Bummer. Now I'm buying my second. Nothing but another Ranger would do. I'm getting a 188VS Friday. I can't wait!!

Thanks for making great boats and great memories!

--Chad H.

Ranger 175

Love my 1990 Ranger. It has caught thousands of pounds of bass. Will replace the carpet this year, but other than that good as new. Solid and always gets me home.
Thanks Ranger.

--Paul D.

I Love My 1987 390V Ranger

Best fishing rig I've ever owned. My dad and I now share and he has sold all other boats. More than enough room to stretch out and by far the most stable on the water and in high winds.

--Johnny F.

Ranger Fisherman

I have 1987 Ranger fisherman #2 purchased in 1988 in Waterford, WI.

Going strong on it's 27th year of heavy, heavy use by myself and three sons. Not as sparkly as it used to be, carpet is worn, original 45HP Mariner still going. Ranger Trail trailer seen a lot of miles. Great fishing boat!!!

Would love a newer Fisherman some day.

--Gaston L.
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