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New Owner

I love my Ranger!


2310 Bay

I’m 14 and have my boater’s license in both Florida and GA. I live to hunt, but I’d die to fish. I love it.Best boat we've ever had and the baddest boat I think we will ever have. I live the salt life and would be out there every day if I could. This boat makes it so roomy for me and my buddy to go out and the storage is awesome. I love my Ranger!

--Dj C.

How EXCITING Is The Wait.......

I am having Ranger build my “DREAM” rig.I have a few friends that own Rangers. Hands down I knew someday I would save up and own one. That day has finally come. My Dad and I did just that. Together we are taking this journey of building our dream rig. We love to fish together and when it was time to upgrade we did not look at any other boats we went right to the Ranger website and built our dream rig. We are told the boat is currently on track and will be done in May. It’s funny to hear / read the “building your dream rig” as that is truly what we are doing. Picking out the perfect colors, and rigging it with all the goodies right from the factory. I must say, we don’t even have the boat yet and so very pleased with Ranger! I just can’t wait to see my new 620 Fisherman. Better yet I can’t wait to toss the first walleye into the livewell.
You’re Fishing Friend.

--Jason B.

New Ranger

My stepdad has a 1988 354V and I always loved that boat. So when I started looking to buy me a boat I thought I really want a Ranger so I waited and finally found a great deal and bought a 2000 R81VS with a Mercury 175 EFI and I love it. There is no boat out there that rides and is built so fine. Thank you Ranger for making such a wonderful and beautiful boat.

--Jared H.


I bought a one owner 1996 Ranger 482VS 5 years ago. She is as pretty as the day she was delivered from the factory. I put in on the water this spring and one of the fuel gauges would not work. I emailed Ranger with a question of how to get to the sending unit as my owners manual depicted a different configuration. I honestly did not expect a reply.
Well, I just got a personal phone call from Ranger, the gentleman on the phone gave me very simple and detailed instructions on how to safely gain access to the sending unit, and then gave me even more information of what may be the cause of my problem. I don't care who you are, or what kind of rig you own, when you can get customer service from an OEM like this on a boat that is 16 years old, they are doing something right. GO RANGER, I WILL ALWAYS OWN ONE!

--Bryce E.

Ranger 185 VS

I have always dreamed of owning a Ranger Boat. I am 35 and it has finally happened for me. Found a 2005 185VS with 150 Optimax in Birmingham, Al. I drove 12 hours round trip to pick it up. Beautiful boat with only 23 hours on the motor. Thanks Ranger!

--Brian M.

2nd Generation Ranger

I now own my dad’s Ranger he bought brand new in 1988, a 680c and love it. I will pass this boat to my son. My Ranger has a million hours on it literally. This boat will last 3 generations no problem. Thanks Ranger!

--dave jr s.


This is my second Ranger and my wife bought it for me. It is a 1999 R83 with a Mercury 150 Optimax. I picked up this boat 5/2011 in New Jersey, it was still in show room condition. I took the boat to a Mercury mechanic said it had 60 hours on it . What a deal, thank you Suzie!

--jimmy g.

Ranger Rules

I took delivery of my new Z521 4 weeks ago, already had 2 weeks fishing for Barramundi (yes I am Australian) and competed in a Bream Tournament. Couldn't be happier with the performance and ride not to mention the stability of it as a fishing platform. Do yourself a favour, if you have not been in a Ranger, go for a ride in one and become a convert.

--John P.


After owning several aluminum boats and always wanting a Ranger Boat I bought a 98 R82! It was kept very nice and looks like new. Has a 175 Evinrude Intruder and runs like a champ. Our family has already had a lot of fun in it. Thanks Ranger for making us happy!!!! Thanks Forest Wood for making Ranger Boats!!!!

--David M.

New Boat

I just bought a 2006 519VX. This was my very first Ranger and I absolutely love it. The boat only had 55 hrs on it when I bought it. It was very well taken care of and I just love going out sitting in the garage and wiping on it myself. There is nothing more beautiful than a clean Ranger. This was a dream of mine to own a Ranger and it came true. I am very blessed to have it and I want to thank Ranger for there quality and design.

--Josh M.

1994 482VS #52

Just picked up another Ranger. It’s a 1994 482VS. It’s a Bassmaster Classic model #52. Great boat, awesome shape, she should be great on lake Erie! I can’t wait to get her out.....

--Scott C.
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