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My Z118

Just bought a Ranger 2 1/2 weeks ago - a Z-118. It's awesome. I have been saving for a Ranger since I was 17 and now it was time and the price was right. The best boat on the market!

--Martin C.

My 1st Ranger

I finally bought my first Ranger. I’m 28 and have dreamt of owning one my whole life. My wife just gave birth to twins a month ago so I was pretty shocked that she was okay with the idea of me buying a boat. I got a 2000 518VX with a 200 Mercury EFI and it matches my truck perfectly. Thanks for building such beautiful boats.

--Jessie B.

My Ranger

After owning multiple boats by other manufacturers, in the fall of 2009, my dream of owning a Ranger came true when I bought a 2008 188VX. The previous owner had a number of Ranger upgrades added and I considered myself even more fortunate to have acquired this boat. The fit, finish, features, ride, room, fishability and just plain good looks are unbelievable. Terrific job Ranger. Thank you and keep up the good work.

--Joe R.

1850 Reata The Perfect Boat

I have a family of 4 and we like to play on the water. We love the great handling of the boat in rough water if we are fishing and how great the 1850 is for play time. Both my kids love to tube and ski and with the Reata it has all the power and speed needed to do it ALL VERY WELL. Ranger boats really hit a home run with the Reata for the family that loves to play and also fish and not to have two different boats to do it all.

--George F.

Love The Reata 2050

I have had my 2050 for 2 years now. What an incredible ride. The large boat cuts through rough water with ease. My family loves fishing big water as well as tubing and skiing. There is more than enough room to bring along a few friends, too. We have spent more time in our Ranger Reata 2050 than we did in the previous 8 years in our 18 foot bass boat. If you love to fish and have fun you need this boat!!!

--Jim D.

2012 Z521

I never thought I would be able to afford a Ranger boat, but I recently took delivery of my 2012 Ranger Z521 and all I can say is WOW! The ride is exceptional, even in rough water. During my 3 hours of break in and running in rough waves, I didn’t feel like I had been bounced around. Even my wife, who hates rough waves, was amazed at how smooth the ride was. The handling of the boat can’t be over stated either; it is probably the most responsive boat I have ever been in and it is extremely stable. The fit and finish is second to none. Storage is incredible…I now need to buy more gear just to fill up all of the storage compartments.
I would encourage anyone who’s looking to buy a boat, go check out your local Ranger dealer. For what Ranger offers, a Ranger boat may just be more affordable then you think. Texas Boat World in Killeen, Texas really took care of me.

--Michael K.

2011 620 Tiller

As a business owner and tournament fisherman, I fish when I have time or when tournaments are scheduled. At times this can mean fishing in some nasty weather conditions. I have to be able to rely on my equipment to perform flawlessly when put into service. For this reason I own a Ranger 620T / Evinrude ETEC combination. I’m lucky as I usually see around a 100 to 150 seasonal days on the water. Whether I’m fishing in my own western Minnesota local where the wind always blows or out east on the big waters of Lake Erie I have confidence that my 620T will handle anything I put it up against. My new 620T is the 4th Ranger boat that I’ve owned. Like my 3 Ranger boats of past, my new rig offers expansive dry storage, wide open comfortable layout, excellent fit and finish, and a ride like no other. The tiller model is extremely agile and allows me to contour troll break-lines with ease while still being able to open water troll like a wheel boat. The Ranger Trail trailer that the boat is transported on incorporates four wheel disc brakes on torsion axles and tows with ease. It reliably gets me to and from each of my destinations. With the bunk style fenders I have no problem launching and loading the boat in river systems where cross currents present issue for the roller trailer crowd. In addition, the Road Armor finish keeps it looking new (read - no rust!). When I get home the swing tongue allows me to store the rig in my 24ft garage – cool!
Did I mention resale value with my past Ranger Boats…
Thanks Ranger!

--Brad D.

Still Looks New

I have a 1998 Comanche that was garage kept until about 3 years ago. It has now been kept outside for 3 years with the Ranger travel cover on it. This past Saturday, I cleaned it up and it still looks like a new boat.

You build great boat!


Love My Fisherman

I have grown up in northern Saskatchewan/Alberta fishing all northern lakes and always running aluminum boats. In Nov 2010 I decided to sell mine and upgrade to a tournament series boat. I looked at a few and was ready to sign a deal when my brother brought my attention to an ad on a walleye forum for a used 2005 620VS with a Suzuki four-stroke. I did my research and decided to go look at it. I ended up purchasing the boat and bringing it back to Canada. The owner said to me once you run a Ranger you will never go back to an aluminum. Well after a ull summer of usage through all kinds of weather he is right. This is the most comfortable, driest riding boat I have ever owned and trust me I will never go back. And I have been able to convert my Dad over as well. He just purchased his Reata! If you are at all thinking about a Ranger, don't think no more buy it you won't regret it!!

--Kelly R.

I Love My Ranger

I had always dreamed of owning a Ranger boat as a kid. I bought my fist Ranger boat when I was 20 years old a 1994 487VS. I am on my 3rd Ranger bass boat which is a 2004 520VX. It was a boat that I loved since it was brand new. My father’s friend bought it new after I bought his old boat from him. After a lot of talking I bought the 520 from him which was the second bass boat I had bought from him. Being 28 years I am lucky to have a wife that lets me chase my dreams fishing tournaments when I can. I have a 1 week old son sitting next to me now that is the love of my life. He lays his head down a night in his Ranger boats bed room - the walls are painted after the paint scheme on my 520. Oh yeah! Thanks to my wife for letting me customize my son’s room…it did take some pleading. Keep up the good work and the great service.

--Ron H.

Ranger Boat

Just purchased a 1988 Ranger 374V at the end of last summer (2011). Did not get to use it much last summer because I was getting ready for deer season, but am looking forward to using it this season. I love my 88 Ranger 374V.

--Richard M.

05 Ranger Z20

I love my Ranger Z20. It is all decked out with Camo seats and Mossy Oak decals. It is truly one of a kind.

--Brian T.
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