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The Only Boat to Own

I just purchased a 2012 Z119 with a 225 SHO. This is my third Ranger boat and I have been amazed with each one. I always say "you can't beat the ride of a Ranger" but somehow the ride just gets better with every model. The staff and facilities at Duncan Marine in Mississippi were the best I have ever seen. Thanks Ranger for the superior product and thanks for choosing the best dealers in America to promote them.

--Mike M.

New 619 Ranger

Just got a new 619 and Love It! It has everything and more! Guess I'll have to wait on new truck, but worth it!

--Chad W.

My First Ranger

I just purchased my first Ranger. I never thought I would really ever own a Ranger, but my 2008 520VX is unbelievable. Now I know what all of the fuss was about when people were bragging on the ride in a Ranger. I feel like I went from a Fiat to a Mercedes. Thanks for an awesome fishing boat.

--john t.


I have fished from a Ranger for 30 years…they are the best!!!! I have had three so far: a 370V, 360V, and I now have a 2003 185VS that I bought new.

--wil b.

New Ranger 620

Hi, I have a new 2013 Ranger 620VS boat coming 3rd or 4th week of June. I sold my 2000 year 620 to my friend after my father died in 2009. My Ranger boat was awesome and I want another one. My friend is building a house by the lake right next door to mine and the "old" boat will be there too. I need to keep up to him so I have a new boat coming soon. I have not been this excited since 2000. Ya know, once you do Ranger, it is very tough to replace the quality and performance and the safety of this "ship". Many years of Ranger ownership spoiled me and I look forward to many more in my new 620. Thanks Ranger................

--Kelly B.

First Ranger Boat

Just purchased a 2003 185 VS in immaculate condition. It is one beautiful boat! I never thought I would ever own a Ranger boat, it's a dream come true.

--Mike B.

Ranger Reata

Last summer, our boat and lift were destroyed by lightning. Suddenly, we were in the market for a new rig. We turned to our oldest son and he had two words "Ranger Reata". After much research, we agreed with his recommendation and took position just two weeks ago. As recommended, I waxed the boat and then spent the next day familiarizing myself with our new treasure. Eventually, I found another bottle of wax provided by Ranger. I decided to wax again and the results were a mirror like finish. We launched yesterday and are now breaking in the motor. This boat has it all and my wife's suggested name "Off The Hook" got all the votes.

--Mark R.

Used Ranger

After twenty five years in various bass boats, I finally bought a used Ranger boat. I am very happy with everything about the boat.

--Gary D.

My Ranger Bass Boat!

I own a 1978 Ranger 158V bass boat. She's an oldie, but a goodie. I'm 16 and this was my very first bass boat. I worked everyday for almost 3 months saving money to buy it. Well, 3 years later I still have her and in excellent shape! I have fished in it in several bass tournaments with TBF student angler federation and that's how everyone knows me, the boy with the ole' Ranger that being 34 years old it still does it's job. I love my Ranger boat!!! Ain't a better boat out on the market! Maybe one day I can get myself the new Comanche Z521. Those are some beautiful boats.

--Tanner M.

2005 Z21

I recently purchased my first RANGER boat. It is a 2005 Z21 Comanche. I have owned three other brands and I will tell you they're all fighting for second place. I have fished out of just about every brand there is and nothing compares to Ranger. This boat makes me feel secure and confident. After fishing out of other boats, I can actually feel the difference in quality. I can truthfully say "I LOVE MY RANGER BOAT".

--Jason J.

07 Z20

I just purchased my second Ranger it’s an 07 Z20 with a 225 Etec and I have fell in love with her already. My partner and I just fished a tournament a few evenings ago and the blast off had a lot of waves and my partner was a little worried since he never has rode in a quality of a boat as this and we got to the fishing spot all he could talk about was how awesome of a ride it was. My first Ranger was a 96 461VS and it was a really nice boat but I have really stepped up several notches getting this boat. I’m ready… for her to get out of the shop from getting some simple maintenence done to her so I can to take her out again, I miss her.

--steven m.

Tournament Boat

I think the Z520 is the best tournament bass boat around. I have rode in a lot of boats and listened to other anglers on the BFL circuit, and that boat is all the talk. I hope to win one someday in the circuit fishing or someday be able to get one. I want it rigged with an Optimax Pro XS 225 HP. I heard the guys talking about how good it is on gas. Thanks for a great boat!!!!!

--larry t.
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