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New Boat

I just bought a 2006 519VX. This was my very first Ranger and I absolutely love it. The boat only had 55 hrs on it when I bought it. It was very well taken care of and I just love going out sitting in the garage and wiping on it myself. There is nothing more beautiful than a clean Ranger. This was a dream of mine to own a Ranger and it came true. I am very blessed to have it and I want to thank Ranger for there quality and design.

--Josh M.

1994 482VS #52

Just picked up another Ranger. It’s a 1994 482VS. It’s a Bassmaster Classic model #52. Great boat, awesome shape, she should be great on lake Erie! I can’t wait to get her out.....

--Scott C.

My Ranger

Always wanted a Ranger. Now I have one just what I wanted. Found a 1991 361V with 175 Merc. Nearly perfect condition, I love my Ranger!

--Brad A.

Ranger Boat

I grew up wanting a Ranger boat. Seeing them on the water was almost as exciting as catching the fish! I got my first Ranger in 2001 it was a 1981, but still a Ranger. After riding in that boat I was hooked. In 2009 I bought another brand of boat due to a great deal, it was a 95 *******. Newer, but not better. I finally got back into a Ranger last fall. I found my dream boat Fisherman 620!! All I can say is what a ride - you guys out did yourself. I have taken some friends out fishing and they can't believe how nice it is. Thank you so much for the great quality well worth the price and wait to get a Ranger.

--Chad L.

How Awesome Is It?

I AM IN LOVE WITH THE SPORT OF BASS FISHING! This may make my husband a little jealous, (ha ha), but I totally love going out on our 2011 Z118 and ripping lips! We get to spend quality time together and enjoy a sport that we both love so much and try to instill in our children! We have a boy who is 3 and a girl that is 5 and they both love to take their little poles and fish for whatever!!! As long as we are having family time and enjoying something that we all love to do it is ALL GOOD! Thank you Ranger Boats for providing us with a safe rig to teach our children the ropes on hooking the bucket mouths! WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR BOAT AND THE EXPRIENCES AND MEMORIES THAT WE MAKE WHILE USING IT!

--Tricia B.


I've owned several brands of bass boats in my life and have always seen and wanted a Ranger boat. 2 years ago I was able to purchase a used Ranger (1998 Ranger 519 DVS Comanche). This boat is great. I fish in the Chesapeake Bay and it can get pretty rough and choppy. This boat handles it like a champ. The original owner fished the Everstart series out of it and I must say that it has held up terrific. I still get folks coming up to check it out and ask questions. Most of them can’t believe it's a 1998 year boat. For me, I feel like it's a new boat. Thanks Ranger for building such a fine rig. :)

--kevin m.

2004 185VX

My 2004 Ranger 185VX, purchased used in 2005, get's the job done every weekend I get her on the water which is, like, every weekend! With basic maintenance this sweet ride has taken care of me and my fish in every tournament I've fished in it. The Merc 175 Optimax get's me where I need to go and home again. Over time I've upgraded electronics and added a Power-Pole, but the stability, the ride, the performance, the assurance of fishing our out of GREAT product just can't be beat!!! LOVE MY RANGER!!!

--Jon K.

Ranger Boats

I was wary of buying an older boat, but after owning my 86 375V I know this old boat is a nice ride! At 62mph its no slouch either. Thank you Ranger Boats!!!

--Randy D.

Service, Warranty And Dealer

I would like to say this new Z521 is the best boat I have ever owned , and that the warranty service I received was the best and Diamond Sports Marine in Yantis, Texas was the best when getting me back on the water. Thanks to Ranger and Diamond Sports Marine , you are number one. If you are looking to buy a new Ranger, this dealership is awesome.

--charlie h.

Service After The Sale

Why anyone would even consider buying anything but a Ranger is beyond me to start with, as it is not only good looking craft, but it is the safest on the water. The ride is unquestionably the best available, and the hull design tames rough waters. Beyond that, the dealership doesn't forget you after the sale! My Z-21 is soon to be 3 years old, and my dealership, (Augusta Marine in Georgia) still goes out of their way to provide the best possible service. I was just there concerning my Lowrance units, and the owner changed clothes and crawled under the console to help fix the problem! I drive over 100 miles to this dealer, and won't let anyone else touch my Ranger! Like I tell everybody, I have a Ranger, anything else is just a boat! Augusta Marine represents Ranger in the finest possible way!

--Gregg K.

I Love My Ranger

I have the 2011 Ranger Z518 with a 200 Mercury Optimax Pro XS. I use my Ranger several times a week and every weekend. My Ranger rides like a dream and handles even better. My family has always bought Ranger Boats so I have grown up knowing that Ranger Boats are the best Boats built by far. I’m already making plans to custom order a new Ranger from the factory and hoping I can take a tour. If you want a top notch rig that will make other fisherman at the boat wish they were you, then get you a Ranger Boat, because they will turn heads at the boat ramp. Oh yea I didn’t mention how many times I have had people to pull me over going down the road because they wanted to look at my Ranger. Keep up the great work, I’m looking forward to ordering my new Ranger.

--Anthony K.


I purchased my first Ranger (Z119) in late January. I've only fished it twice due to work and I really love the craftsmanship, ride comfort, and handling of this awesome machine. Thanks Ranger for such a great boat.

--Craig J.
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