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R93 Sport

I wanted a Ranger so bad that I bought a 1998 R93 Sport that had been sitting out in the weather in Tx for 5 years. After 4 months of work I have a great looking and running boat. Handles rough water and fishes great. Now my dad and brother want one!

--Johnny H.

New Ranger

I went to the dealer to look at another brand and my wife fell in love with the Ranger. Boy am I glad she did. It has a Yamaha 250 HPDI and really flys. Only wish I had a garage big enough to store it inside.

--James W.

My Ranger

What a boat... I purchased my 1992 365V from Larry Nixon just after the 25th Anniversary Bassmasters tournament on Beaver Lake. After 20 years it still looks new...

--Allen W.


I purchased my new Z117 in July from Real Deal Marine in Alexandria, Louisiana. Extremely surprised with the performance and handling. The Z117 with 115 Evinrude HO feels like you are riding in a larger tournment boat. Would highly recommend for someone in the market for a 17 or 18 footer.

--Bruce T.

New Z118

I just got my first brand new Z118. What can I say except WOW! The Evinrude engine is so quiet and full of power. It is like driving a sports car with all the comforts of the most expensive luxury car! Thanks Ranger for building this boat for me.

--Bob F.

My First Ranger 335V

I just purchased my first Ranger boat :). It's a 335V that has sat in a barn for 10 plus years. It's beautiful. the hull is in perfect shape. Can't wait to get it in the water for the first time.

--Dan W.

Ranger Boats - Both of Them

Last year I ended up trading my Ranger Z21 for another boat (not a Ranger). Let's say it was the biggest mistake of my life, which I quickly corrected after 3 month with my new 2011 Z520. I can honestly say that you can love a Ranger boat, but once you leave them you REALLY LOVE Ranger Boats. The little things Ranger does has made me appreciate my Ranger more than ever, I constantly caught myself saying my Ranger had this, or didn't do that.

I've recently moved to Louisiana from Alabama and had to have a marsh boat. Suffice it to say I bought the 2012 Ranger Ghost and it has lived up the Ranger challenge and gets me into the deep marsh with that familiar Ranger quality and fishing comforts I've grown accustomed to from Ranger Boats.

I just ordered my new Z520C and can't wait to get it on the water. The new additions continue to make the Ranger boat the ONLY boat to be on the water.

--Bill K.

My First Ranger!

I just purchased my first Ranger, for the second time. My dad was a Ranger dealer in Barrie Ontario (Bev's Marine) during the mid to late 80's and I managed to track down our demo 363V from 1989. Miraculously its been sitting in a barn for 10 years and with the exception of carpet, the boat is brand new. My dad and I undertook the refit of the boat and replaced all the hardware with modern things. The boat runs hard and fast, just the way I remember it and Im having fun with my dad out there rippin' lips!

--Cole E.

Love My Ranger

I just bought a 2007 like new Ranger Reata 190VS with only 18 hrs on it. I took it out the next day with my grandfather who had owned a Ranger several years ago. It was the best fishing day I have ever had. I got to use my beautiful new boat and watch my grandfather smile from ear to ear flying down the water. THANKS RANGER, YOU MAKE THE BETS BOAT EVER!

--Justin H.

New Boat

I bought my new Ranger Z521 Comanche about 2 months ago and its a dream come true. The way it rides and all the storage is a plus. Ranger is number 1 no doubt about it.

--Conrad R.

Those aren't tears in my eyes!

We just put our Ranger Reata 1850VS to bed for the season as the cold weather approaches the midwest. I told the kids on our last boat ride of the season....."those aren't tears in daddy's's just the wind." I LOVE MY RANGER!

P.S. They were tears.

--Mark N.

93 374V Mercury 150 XR6

I am the second owner of this beautiful Ranger. This boat lived indoors and looks like it was built yesterday. The most awesome boat I have ever owned. Nothing matches a Ranger.....Ranger for life!

--Dan B.
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