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Ranger Z521

I love my Ranger Z521 ! I am a professional guide on Lake Fork and I and been a guide for 31 years now. In this time I have owned over 10 different brands of boats and I never thought I would own a Ranger. In 2011 I bought my first Ranger and WOW.. was I blown away in the total difference in all other boats! I kick my self daily for waiting so long to buy the best boat on the market! The ride the way it fishes and looks and feel of everything is just awesome. I get compliments daily over the ride and the quality of the boat. Just ordered my New 2013 Ranger and I cannot wait till it gets here. I love my Ranger !

--Marc M.

My Ranger Boat

My father handed down his 1978 Ranger 198V hull bass boat to me and I was so proud. He had it restored two times in Flippin, Arkansas. The boat has been to Mexico dozens of times down very rough roads and creek bottoms and also been to Canada on some of the biggest lakes in the Northern Hemisphere. Today the boat is used 10 days a month and I love my Ranger. I will pass it on to my kids later on and they will have a boat that is reliable, safe and lasting.

--Todd M.

Reata 211

What a choice to make! Out searching for a new combo boat so all the family could enjoy and I could fish all I wanted. This Ranger was not my first choice, but once I got it on the water for a day of running and fishing I knew there was NO OTHER CHOICE IN BOATS. Yep all you folks love fishing like I do and I wanted to jump right in to a nice 21' bass boat. The Reata is a great option for the family that wants it all. Great ride even in rough water, excellent seating for the whole family and the 225SHO Yamaha it was matched with from Ranger is a really nice power plant. Ya'll come get one. You won't be sorry, cause I know how big my smile is every time I back off the trailer.

--Chris H.


I have owned a few boats over the years, but I just recently bought my 1st Ranger! I was lucky to find a super clean, one owner boat, so nice it's hard to believe it's a 2003! 2003 185VS Maroon and Mica, Silver with Gold trim... Wow talk about sparkle! The Merc XR6 150 pushes it up to just under 60 and thats fast enough for me. Rides smooth, quick out of the hole and looks awesome in the water. I LOVE MY RANGER!

--Jim W.

My Ranger Has Always Been With Me!!

I have owned my 1994 373 Ranger since new. Still looks new. Built three homes now in my life and each time I built the house around my Ranger. Never been out of the garage except to fish every weekend. Still have the Mercury 2.5 ltr motor. Wow what a rig!! Would love to have a new one, but can't seem to part from her.. Thank you.

--Steve D.

72 Model 17 ft Still On The Water

I have inherented the boat I grew up fishing in from my Grandpa. It still makes me smile every time we get in it remembering all the good times and who caught the biggest and the most.

--John D.

Ranger Reata 1850VS

I never thought for a moment that I would ever own a nice boat - much less a Ranger. I now own a Ranger Reata 1850VS and I could not be happier! I have not regretted purchasing this boat for even a moment. Fishing and tubing with family and friends is what life is about and what a boat to do it in. I am a Ranger fan for life!

Thank you!


--Andy C.

Ranger Bass Boat

So I just acquired a new to me Ranger 361V, I have always known it to be true that Ranger Bass boats are the "Cadillac" of Bass boats and I finally own one. True the boat is a little older, but on the lake and the ramp I still get compliments on the boat!!! The design has stood the test of time, the workmanship shows through in the condition; sparkling and colorful after so many years, and finally the engineering. The boat handles magnificently on the water even in rough conditions! I love my Ranger!!!!!

--Michael S.

new z520c

I started out with other brands, but bought my first Ranger, a 205, in 2003, in 2007 bought a z20, now I just bought a new 2013 z520c. Live up north and fish a lot on Erie Lake. St. Clair in BFL's. Picking the boat up May 18th. Cant wait to get this one in the water. I believe they have out done it this time. Also have had a tour of factory. If you can get a chance to go there, it is well worth it. Everyone was really friendly. Never say you cant afford one. Thanks Ranger keep it up!

--Michael K.

1994 372v Ranger

I have had my Ranger for about 3 years and I love it. They truly are fine boats. Everyone cannot believe how great it looks for its age. I REALLY DO love my Ranger!

--Keith C.

1st Ranger

I just bought a 2003 185VS. Smooth and fast!!!

--Jim W.

Family Ranger

I'm the fourth generation owner of a 1970 Ranger. The boat is still exactly as it was when my Great Grandpa took delivery when it was new. The family stories on this boat are priceless --- I caught my first bass in the middle seat long ago. The Mercury cranks every time and has truly become a legend in the family. If there were a Ranger museum, this boat would be good example of what the legacy is meant to be. I drool over the new ones, but can't seem to let go of the ol' green friend.

--Brian C.
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