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I Love My Ranger

I own a 1999 Ranger 519DVS that I purchased at Jimmy Houston Marine. It has been by far the best boat I have ever owned. Ranger quality is evident throughout. All other brands pale by comparison. The Cadillac of bass boats without a doubt! You can be sure my next boat will be a Ranger.

--Randy M.

My First Ranger Boat!!!

I have been saltwater fishing for about 2 years now and this is my second boat. I bought my 2400 Ranger Bay in August 2011 and only had it out a couple times so far. It’s fully loaded with all the bells and whistles along with the new Yamaha V-6 300 which is a beast!!! Ranger boats are one of a kind and I LOVE MINE... ...Thanks Ranger for building such a great product.

--Rodney B.

A Dream Come True

Ever since I was a little kid I've dreamed about owning my own Ranger. My dad has owned two, and fishing out of them has convinced me they are the best boats out there. I've always been a fan, and have always wanted to buy one. I thought it might be a while before I could since being in college pretty much kills my boat budget, but this summer I got the opportunity. I'm now the proud owner of a 1986 Ranger 320V! It looks absolutely amazing for its age, and I could not be prouder of it. I'm also proud to say that I'll never own anything but a Ranger from here on out. Thank you for building such awesome boats!

--Michael M.

2050 Reata

I traded my 21ft aluminum boat in for a 2050 Reata. It’s my 6th boat and by far the best ride in its class. I have nothing but good to say about Ranger. I hear a lot people wanting to know about the speed of the Boat. I have a 225 Verado and will run 56mph (GPS), that’s full of fuel and three 200lb plus men.

--Dave B.

Love My 2008 177TR

Purchased my 177TR new and love it, I get so many compliments on her and folks cannot get over how hot this boat is... Just added an 8 foot red Signature Series Power Pole that makes fishing docks a breeze and matches the hull colors perfectly. Tons of storage, huge front decks, super stable fishing platform and dry ride... thanks Ranger!!!!

--Brian B.

Ranger Rocks

Ranger’s commitment to their customers makes me a Ranger owner for life. Unfortunately for them, my boat is still perfect and it may be a long time before I need my next new boat. It will be a Ranger.

9 years later and half way across the country from where I bought it and its still going strong.

My boat Rocks and any other boat would be a compromise.

Be blessed,

--Andy S.


I love my 183 Ghost! It is one of the best boats on the market. Ranger Boats stands by their products and make awesome boats. I love my Ranger!

--Connor Y.

Can't wait!

Great example of an American company producing high quality products that we can be proud of! Just ordered my second Fisherman series - can't wait to put her in the water.

--Joel S.

Customer Service

1st time Ranger owner here. I serviced the bearings on my Ranger trailer yesterday. I was shocked at the time that the people at the Ranger office spent on the phone with me. Mike in the trailer office was very helpful and more than happy to give me any tips he knew over the phone. Whether you got your Ranger new or used the people at Ranger Boats are without a doubt customer friendly. I will never own a different boat.

--Dan S.

I Love My Ranger!

I've had my first boat for about 2 months now. It is a 2001 Ranger R71 with a 125 Mercury. Everything has worked fantastic and I know it's always going to be one of the best looking boats on the lake. Boat handles great and will never buy anything other than a Ranger! Thanks for making great boats!

--Kyle R.

Z519 Is Awesome!

I bought a new Z519. What an awesome boat. I'm a Ranger owner for life!

--Craig K.

2012 Z521 Ranger Boat

I got my custom made 2012 Z521 Ranger boat Sept. 23. This is my first Ranger and I love it. It is smooth in rough water. It rides and handles great. I get many compliments from everyone, not only about the boat, but also the American Racing Wheels on my trailer.

--Bob B.
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