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518 Comanche

I love my Ranger bass boat, it is the Cadillac of all boats. It is a very durable and dependable boat. I can depend on it to start every time.

I have had it for 3 years now and it has not failed to start or run yet.

It has made me addicted to fishing. I have experienced some of my finest moments in my Comanche 518. Ranger makes the best bass boat PERIOD!!!

-Reid Harrington
14 Lebanon TN

--Reid H.

34 years

I have a 1974 Ranger bass boat that's still going strong without a problem at ALL!!! Now thats quality and service.

Thank you, Ranger, God bless your company!

--bernie c.

Ranger Rocks

I have had nothing but great days on the water since purchasing my first Ranger 185DVS.

I have the best boat on the market and I also want to thank everyone at my local dealer for the excellent service they have provided me and my Ranger boat. I will never regret the day I walked in and asked for help in selecting a boat.

They treated me like a king not only before I bought my boat but I continue to be treated like a king whenever I walk in to the shop.

All I can say is, "Fish On Baby!!!!"

--Jesse P.

Great Boat and Service

After running my new Ranger 520VX for the first year, I must say the performance of the boat and the service from everyone involved is more than I ever expected.

Everyone treated me "first class".

--Gregg M.

My 2nd Ranger

I had a Ranger R71 and absolutely loved it. My wife and son began fishing with me and my wife said, "We need a bigger boat!" She didn't have to say it twice.

We went that following Monday and picked out a Comanche 520. We took delivery and have thoroughly enjoyed our new Ranger.

Thanks Ranger for building such great boats!

--Stephen W.

Quality Service

I just purchased my first Ranger boat and after owning other boats I would just like to say that the service I received at the dealership was second to none.

The personal attention and super service by all the folks at my local Ranger dealership made my purchase all the more satisfying.

The quality of construction and focus on detail that is seen when looking over a Ranger boat coupled with great service makes buying a Ranger almost as enjoyable as fishing in one.

No wonder Ranger has the highest customer satisfaction ranking. Job well done to everyone from Flippin to showroom!!!

--Dan G.

I love my Ranger

Hi, my name is Daniel S. and I am 14 years old. I would just like to say that my Dad's Ranger 520VX is an awesome boat. You will never be able to convince me that there is a better quality boat out there.

For over-all customer satisfaction and nice people, you can't beat Ranger.

Thanks for building such a good boat

I hope to win the Bassmasters Classic someday and you can bet I will be running a Ranger Boat


--Danny S.


Took delivery of my 2004 521 VX one week ago. Yesterday I drove two hours to fish for one hour.

I just wanted all the dedicated Ranger employees to know how happy owning this boat makes me. There is little that I can add to all the well deserved superlatives bestowed on Ranger Boats over the years.

So I thought I would just share the pure joy of owning this boat with the fine folks in Flippin that built it for me as if I were a part of their family. This boat is just "perfect in every way". It is truly a joy to operate and fish from.

My two sons and I thank you for providing us such a magnificent machine to make memories in.

--C. M.

2nd Ranger Boat

I lost my first Ranger(2001-R71) to a car crash in September and have just replaced it with my 2nd Ranger!

This one is a 2000 R83 dual console. I love this boat! After seeing how the R71 held up in the crash (most other boats would have been in splinters), I decided then & there that there's only one boat for me and that's Ranger.

My R83 is everything I wanted and more. I even managed to find identical colors to my R71.

I could not be happier!!

--Jim C.

My boat

I just wanted to say RANGER is the best! I love my Ranger!!

--Danny K.

185 Ranger

I bought my 185 about a year ago and have never been more pleased with a boat then I am with this one.

The ride is so smooth.

I have fished in several boats and none compare to Ranger for ride and overall quality. I am going to keep this one for a while.

I'm glad it's a Ranger!

--K.B. T.

1985 340V

It's hard to believe my Ranger will be 19 years old in 2004.

Each time I pull up to the boat ramp or I'm on the water, some other fisherman comments about how pretty and well kept my boat is, they can't believe it is a 1985 model.

My boat is wiped down and spray waxed each time I fish. Each time I look at my Ranger, I am assured that Ranger Boats are the best bass boats built and they will last a lifetime.

Take care of your Ranger, and it will take care of you and make you proud to be a Ranger owner. Own one Ranger and you will never buy another brand.

Thank you Forrest & Nina,
Curt Haas

--Curt H.
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