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My Ranger rules

I went fishing over the past Memorial Day weekend for smallies. The water was low in my secret spot, but my Ranger 520 got me there and brought me home with a good days catch.

Thanks, Forrest!

--Dan D.


I recently purchased a 2002 175DVS (new last year) and just wanted you all to know it's the best built boat on the market!

I love my Ranger!!!

--Joe G.

2300 Bay Ranger






Ranger 205 VX Merc. 225 6" hydro-jack, 4blade 25p

Well, I've had my 205 for about 5 months now and all I can say is WOW.

My first boat was a 94 364V w/Merc XR6 150 and a 6" manual plate. I bought that boat new as well. I loved the 364, but after fishing from it for 8 years, I developed a short list of things that I wanted in my next boat.

I wanted a better ride, more room, more storage and more speed while retaining all the good points of my first boat. Stable fishing, durability, quality and fishing longevity

Well, I got it ! ! !

This 205VX boat is outstanding, absolutely, from front to back, outstanding! It's everything I wanted in a bass boat.

Special thanks to all the employees at Ranger that built my boat. You've got a customer for life.


--Todd A.

I can't say enough about my Ranger

I have 1997 R80 and folks I can't begin to tell you how much I love this boat.

On a trip to visit some of my wife's family in Missiouri, we stoped off in Flippin to visit the Ranger factory. There we met some of the nicest people on earth. My wife and I took the tour and it was a great experience.

I am a fouth generation Ranger owner and I have never owned another brand of boat - and never will. Thanks, Mr. Wood for building the best boat on the water. Can't wait til I can upgrade to a larger model.

--Gordon M.

1995 491VS

I have recently purchased a 1995 491VS Commanche. I was like many who had dreamed of a Ranger but felt that I could not afford to get into one.

With all of the other boats out there that are priced cheaper it is tempting to lean that way. However, after riding and fishing from the back of several Rangers I knew that there wasn't any other boat out there that could perform like a Ranger.

With the recent purchase of my Ranger, I can absolutely understand that you get what you pay for! I have a boat that is in showroom condiditon that performs better than any new boat out there!

Keep up the good work and you have made a customer for life with my family. Thanks for continuing to "build them one at a time". The quality shows!

--Duncan C.

New Ranger

I didn't think Ranger's could get any better, but today I just purchased my 3rd new Ranger (519VX) and it is incredible. It has the same awesome quality that my first 361V had in 1991 and that my 481V had in 1997.

I am a true Ranger man. My resale has been outstanding on each boat. I see no reason to step down to any other boat in the future.

--David H.

1986 Ranger 393 V Commanche

In 1999, I was ready to purchase my first bass boat, a dream finally about to come true. A good friend of mine owned a 1986 Ranger 393 V and offered to sell it to me.

Well, I talked the matter over with my two eldest sons and wife who felt it would be better for me to purchase a new boat. I did, a brand of another name. I loved this boat but had to depart with it due to a job related injury that reduced my income.

Well, one day my good friend and I arranged a fishing trip using his Ranger 393 V. He allowed me to navigate that day on a particularly rough day. Heading into white capped water I began to brace myself for a rough ride. It never happen!

That Ranger rode right on the top of the the rough stuff so smoothly that, to make a long story short, I now proudly own that 393 V. With recent upgrades - Sea Star Pro Steering, Hydraulic Jack Plate, etc., you can't pay me enough to depart with this boat.

Thank you Ranger Family!

LaMonte Andrews

--LaMonte A.

My Ranger Boat

I have owned my RANGER BOAT for 12 years now and I am as happy today as I was the day I got it...

I have never been let down by it and it has got me through some rough situations on the water. So rough I know if it hadn't been a RANGER I wouldn't be here to tell about it today. Thank you Forrest and Ranger Boats for still building them ONE AT A TIME!

One day I will own another one and I am sure it will be as good as the one I have now. (1990 363V Bassmasters Classic).

--Kent W.

Wouldn't trade her for the world

I recently purchased my second Ranger boat in November of 2002. I upgraded from a 2001 R93VS to a 205VS.

I fish Mid-Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks, one of the roughest lakes around and the 205 rides like a dream. Even in the pounding waters, my Ranger felt solid as a rock (even at 65mph).

It's great to be able to leave others in your wake when the going gets tough!! Keep producing a great boat... the only boat I'll ever buy!!

--Shawn C.

1996 451V Commanche

After finally getting my first Ranger, the dealer where I got it did not have an owners manual for the boat. I wrote in to "Ask Ranger" and in three days had two manuals for the boat and trailor.

I have been fishing for over twenty years and competitive for almost ten. When it comes to customer service, I have never experienced such a fast response. There is no question that a Ranger boat is the best quality and best built boat on the market.

Thank you for such a great boat. I am so proud of my Ranger.

Tim Matthews
Montgomery, Al.

--Tim M.

Finally got a Ranger

Forrest & Nina,

I have waited 10 years to get a Ranger boat. My wife and I ordered our new 195DVX on 22nd of June from Sport Outfitters in Lebanon, Tn. Derrick Knowles was outstanding working with me on getting exactly what I requested.

My wife and I are really looking forward fishing out of our new Ranger and especially showing it off when towing it down the road.

Forrest & Nina, thanks for making a dream come true and building a great boat.

Tommy & Cris Pittman
Bartlett, Tn.

--Tommy P.
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