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Living My Dreams

I now own the greatest boat ever known to man.

I purchased my 185DVS in March 2003. I have to tell you that not only am I impressed with it, but everyone who lays eyes on it wants to go for a ride. I have taken out many friends and family and can't tell you the memories it has already left us.

I would never consider purchasing any other brand but RANGER till the day I die. I hope there is fishing on the other side and there better be a RANGER boat shop there or I'm coming back.

Thanks so much for such a fine boat and all the wonderful memories you have already given me!

--Jesse P.

I've owned my 396V with 175 Mercury since 1987 and have enjoyed it immensely.

I was traveling down a canal one day and hit a large alligator under the water. The front dove down and then made a sharp left turn toward the bank.

I was able to get the boat back under control, but now the boat was headed toward a pier and would hit on my wife and daughter's side of the boat. So, I cut it sharp to the left again toward the bank to put the pier on my side of the boat.

We landed next to the pier, hit the bank and stopped on top of a bunch of pilings about 2 inches above the water line. I put the big boy in reverse and shook my old faithful Ranger off the pilings and returned to the dock to survey the damage.

To my great surprise I had minimal damage ($400 - scratches)to the hull. I believe if I would have been in another type of boat I would of had major damage to the hull.

I can guarantee you one thing, if I ever need to buy another boat it would only be a RANGER. I believe it is the main reason my family and I survived the crash injury free.

Thanks Forrest Wood and Ranger Boats for your designs.

Also, the boat is 16 plus years old and I still to today get people asking me the age of rig, and they can't believe it is 16 years old. They all seem to think it is about 3 to 4 years old.

David Louviere

--David L.

Ask Ranger

Hi everyone. I just wanted to tell everyone about an experience I had with the Ranger web site.

First of all, I was looking to install a CD player and speakers in my Ranger 185VS. I emailed Ranger how to remove the seats, because I wanted to run some wires under there.

I got a response with instructions within a reasonable amount of time. Just this past weekend, I was able to remove the seats and install the sound system I wanted.

I saved hundreds of dollars just because I was able to do the job myself. I really love my Ranger, and the people that work for them have been great! Thanks a lot!

Steve "The Utinator"

--Steven U.

I love my Ranger boat

Wow! I bought my first boat last year. A 1983 375V Ranger with (not original motor) 1986 125 force. This boat is awsome! I can fish or ski or pleasure boat with several people.

When I was a young kid (now 30) I loved to fish all the time. Living in the country in central Iowa, I rode a motorcycle to fish local farm ponds or the South Skunk River from the bank. In my teens I lost interest in fishing - "had better things to do".

Last year I decided to look for a boat that my dad, my 7 year old son, my girlfriend, my friends, and myself could enjoy. It had to be a good boat, reasonably priced that could be used for fishing, skiing, and pleasure.

Did a lot of shopping with very little knowledge of boats. Saw a lot of junk boats. Found this 1983 Ranger very well taken care of that fit the bill. And that is what it has done. A very solid , well constructed, well organized boat for 1983 and today.

Not one complaint here. I now fish with this boat nearly every weekend. I will now, always, own a Ranger boat, maybe the same one. I always heard they were the best, now I know.

When someone asks what I have for a boat, and I tell them a Ranger, they "oooh" and "aaah". What a name Ranger has built. I get many compliments on this boat when I take it out. No one beleives it's a 1983, even my insurance agent.

I'm hooked for life. Thanks for building a great boat!

Brian Sterk

--brian s.

Thanks !!!

I wanted to take a moment to thank those at Ranger for being so hospitable to my son and I on our recent visit to the factory in Flippin.

We had driven from Eastern Kentucky to tour the factory. Due to some bad turns on my part we were late and missed the last tour. I called the factory to get directions just to locate the factory. They told me to come on in and they would show me what they could.

Upon arriving I was met by a gentleman name Hugh Dewey. Mr. Dewey took the time to show us around and show us all he could about the 521 VX that I am interested in. He answered the many questions that I had and as many as my 15 year old son could come up with without complaint.

My special thanks goes to Mr. Dewey and also to Mr. Wood for staffing such fine people and still building them like now one else can.

I see no need to ever shop for another brand of boat. I have owned a Ranger since 1993, and couldn't be more satisfied.


--Greg W.

My first Ranger Boat

I just purchased my first Ranger boat, a 1987 360-V.

I have fished with friends on other brands of boats, and nothing has compared to the Ranger. I must say, I don't have much experience with a bass type boat but the past two days on the water have been very exciting.

I hope to have this boat for quite sometime but you can be sure my next boat will be another Ranger!

--Ray S.

New Ranger

I finally bought my first Ranger after 30 years of wanting one.

The '95 481VS I purchased rides and looks as good as any new one I have been in. Thanks, Forrest, for building them to last. Real boats for real fisherman.




This is my first Ranger boat. I love it!

It's 19' 8" long with a 200 EFI Mercury engine. I enjoy fishing out of it and my kids have a great time on it.

The best is when people take a second look at it.

--Dean R.

Years in waiting

Forrest & Nina

I have waited almost a decade for a Ranger boat and I finally can say I will be picking mine up at the end of July. The salesman was really helpful in helping me order my 195DVS with what I wanted on it.

I really hope that you guys at Ranger hang around a long time because you really build a great product. My thanks go out to all of you at Ranger for making my years in waiting come true, so keep building them one at a time.

Finally I can say I am a proud owner of the best boat built.

Tommy Pittman

--Tommy P.


I had always been told that RANGER was the best ever, but never believed it. Now I own a 521DVX RANGER CUP.

If you don't own a RANGER... what are you waiting for?

Mr. Wood started the bass boat industry. Now all the others are trying to catch up. Thanks RANGER

--WC R.

My first bass boat

I bought my first bass boat just three days ago and I feel like a kid a Christmas.

I went back to the founding years of Ranger and bought a fully restored 1978 198V.

I first saw this boat when I was driving down a 4 lane highway. I saw something flash in the corner of my eye, and like a big hungry bass, I struck.

24 hours later I was pulling home my Ranger 198V.

--Mark P.


Atfer owning another brand of boat for 13 years, it came time for a new boat.

I shopped for 4 months - looking at all the different brands. In my search I wanted the best value for my money. My local dealer helped me to get into a new 520SVX for the price of most other brands.

My 520 is the best bass boat ever made! I have buddies who own other competing brands, and they like my 520 better.

Thank you Ranger for building the best, and treating me the best.

Mark Wilson

--Mark W.
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