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Ranger boats

HI! My name is Danny King from Canada ..and i just got my first Ranger bass boat.

For me it's a dream come true to own a Ranger boat. If you want the best go for a Ranger boat and you will see for yourself... Thank you FORREST WOOD!

--Danny K.

Looking To Buy A New Ranger

Dear al

In 1983 I purchased a new Ranger 350V Commanche with the "new' oil injected Merc 150 for $13,300.00!!!!

Well over the years I have survived several hair raising experiences and one major life threatening storm. Back then I swore I would never, ever buy another boat other than a Ranger.

Unfortunately, this year I was fishing on Banks Lake and blew my rebuilt Merc 150. Can you imagine my shock when I: 1) got an estimate on an engine repair/rebuild, 2) priced a new Yamaha 150hp, 3) priced a new Ranger!


I decided, after much soul searching and considering other boat models, to look around for a "new" Ranger. I found one in Spokane.

So I took a friend, for moral support, and drove nearly 300 miles to look at the boat. I also took pictures of my old 350V with me. After several hours of driving, we made it to the dealer...I saw the Ranger 195VS that I saw advertised. It was beautiful! Geez the 195VS is loaded!

Well, I was offered a fair trade-in, I'm sure it would have been better with an operating outboard for sure! I was inspired, so much so, that after I returned home I cleaned up the 350V. My gosh it looks so good! 1983???

Hopefully, if things work out, I'll be hauling my 350V to trade in and picking up a new 195VS! I'm sure the dealer will be impressed when they see the 350V in person.

The moral of this story is, well really there is none other than Ranger quality. The workmanship (craftsmanship) made a true believer of me! When I get my new promises to be one "longgggg" association. I also know that whoever gets my 350V (sob,sob,sob!) will still be getting a great boat and will make some memorable moments for themselves!

Michael Yasutake, RFL (Ranger For Life)

--Michael Y.

1987 373V

I bought my Bassmaster Classic new in 1987.

My Ranger has given me 16 years of reliable service. Although it is a little worn, I am not even thinking about replacing it. In fact, I am seriously thinking about taking it back to Ranger this winter for a makeover...

Ranger... The Standard by which all good bass boats are compared!!!

--Bob A.

Best boat ever

I have the 2300 Bay Ranger and it is as close to a perfect boat as I have ever seen or experienced.

Thank you for designing such a fantastic boat.

--Mark B.


I am now the owner of the BEST BASS BOAT on the planet. Red and black with metal flakes makes this girl turn your head.

I would like to thank Mr. Wood for making such a wonderful boat. Ranger and I were both born 35 years ago and I think it's only right we grow old together.

--Gary E.

Love this boat

I just came back from the lake (my first trip) after purchasing a '98 R82. It only had about 50 hours on it and is as new.

Everything that is said about owning a Ranger is true.

What a boat! And what a fishing experience. This is truly a dream for me. Catching fish was just a bonus.

Jim Mathews
Redding, Ca.

--Jim M.

I love the way Ranger brags!

I bought my first Ranger in '94, because I liked it so much. My son bought his first in '02. But all I can find now is tall flipping decks, propoles right over the bow, and a joke for a cup holder on the pasenger side. They don't build a style like the 354V, 364V, etc. Try to talk to anyone at Ranger about having a bassboat style for "sitter down" type older fishermen and all they say is: "styles change". Well this cat says if you can't have a bass boat that's not 100% tournament style, keep 'em. I'll never own another Ranger.

--Dick S.

Love my Ranger!

Just bought a used 1999 Ranger R-81. I thought it was a good looking boat when I bought it, but it gets better everyday!

Fit & finish are second to none! Ride is great! I called Ranger for a few parts, 24 hours later they were at my door.
Life with a Ranger is good!!!!!


185 VS

After all this time, I finally was able to trade in my old Ranger and buy a brand new 2003 185VS Ranger Boat.

I have owned my new boat for five months and it has set at the dealer trying to get the flaws out of it 75% of the time. I loved my old Ranger, and I honestly would do anything to have it back. I hope no body else has had to go through what I have with my new boat. Good Luck!!!


Ranger 520VX

After having to wait for 4 days of raining to put in my new boat I finally did today, Labor Day, and man was it a dream come true!

Even with the slow break-in and finally coming onto plane, I knew I made the right choice in boats. There is now not a doubt in my mind Ranger is #1.

Thank You,
George Foster
Broken Arrow,Oklahoma

--George F.


I've been fishing tourments for about 13 years now and I've owned many boats. But last year I decided I wanted a dual console. So I went in the market to buy a good used boat.

Never even thought about a Ranger... always thought they were a heavy and slow boat but could not beat the price of this boat.

This boat looks brand new... like the guy never used it. So I disscussed price with him and when he told me he would take $6,000.00 for it I ran to my bank.

Well after owning this boat I came to find Ranger did not put anything cheap in this boat and as being heavy and slow goes that engine is anything but slow. I love this boat.

This could very well be the last boat I buy. I strongly belive there is not a better boat on the market.


--Duane B.

My Ranger

Last month I traded a 1999 competitor boat for a 1999 518VX Ranger and it was the best trade I ever made. My old boat was a good boat but my Ranger is the best, now I see why everyone says that Rangers are the best they are.

I won't own any other name brand boat ever! Thanks Ranger, you made my dreams come true.

--Dan W.
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