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Loves his Ranger

My boyfriend has a Ranger boat and he babies it so much. He would tell you that he loves his Ranger!

--connie k.

Tournament Fishing

While fishing the BFL All American in 2003 at the Mobile Delta I was faced with some very harsh conditions.

At the end of the final day the wind and the tides were having a fight to see who was the strongest. The waves were in the four foot range.

Being a Ranger Pro Staff member and fishing only from Ranger Boats for years, I knew that I would have no problem making it back to the weight-in sight. It was not the most pleasant ride of my life, but knowing that I could fish until the last possible minute in such an important event was a great feeling.

Thanks Ranger for providing the BEST fishing boats on the market.


--Tim P.


I just got back from Flippin. My dealer invited me on the Product Knowledge Tour and I had an incredible time checking out the plant.

I'm on my third Ranger boat. I started in 1985 and have been hooked ever since. I drive the 521DVX in NASCAR Extreme colors.

I fish local tournaments in NJ/NYS and I Love My Ranger.


My Ranger experience

I just purchased a new 520VX Ranger boat from Dothan, Alabama. I have always wanted a Ranger and after years of fishing out of imitation bass boats, I was able to purchase one.

Let me tell you the entire process from the purchase of the boat to the Federation Voucher Program that Ranger has going has been a complete joy.

Talking about class, the Ranger organization sent me a Ranger Federation shirt and I have sent the information for my custom boat cover and am awaiting it's delivery.

Yesterday I received a small plaque that states "Custom Made for Charles Helms" that I will place on my new Ranger. Again talking about class! All of this and my Ranger has performed excellent in several bass trips.

I also have a Chevy Silverado that matchs the color of the boat. The combination of Chevy and Ranger is outstanding. This email is to show my gratitude and thanks for a class act.

--Charles H.

2nd Ranger boat

I'm now the proud owner of my second Ranger boat. My first one was a 1994 361V and I traded it in for a new 2003 185VX last April.

I fish BFL, EverStart, and BASS Federation as well as my club tournaments. I just love my new boat, as well as my first one, and they both have performed well. My dealer takes great care of my new 185 as well as they did of my 361. The dealers and all in the service department takes care of my every need and treats me like one of the family.

I enjoy my relationship with Ranger and I am proud to be a member of their Pro Staff. I am very proud to be a Ranger boat owner and I show it by wearing my Ranger shirts, hats, and jackets as often as I can as well as at tournaments.

Thanks for the opportunity to be a Ranger boat owner!!!!!!

--Jeff C.

First year of ownership

It's real simple, starts every time, goes 74 mph with great gas milage, excellent customer service, best looking boat on the lake and on the road behind my truck, Forrest, the boat cover is incredible! The guy who designed this and figured out the 3 minute installation needs a raise.

I have been blessed and could purchase the Ranger of my choice, but this was my first. I decided not to go with the most expensive to see what customer service was like for all of your clients. I am now ready for the Comanche.

My compliments go out to my local dealer in Lewisville Texas.They have been outstanding to deal with.I told them how happy I was with my Ranger and what I would be purchasing in the near future. I got a personal phone call from them when the first 521 Comanche came in and I was personally invited to come take a look at the boat. To my dealer I say, "I appreciate your prusit of excellence," and to Forrest, "Thanks for having dealers of this quality."

Last but not least, the quality of time you have given my wife, son and myself on our time off.

--Walter C.

Ranger 175VS

I checked out several other makers of bass boats before I decided on Ranger.

The overall quality is so far above the others, that my decision was easy to make. The service and dedication of the people at my local dealer in Portsmouth Va, was above and beyond anything I expected.

If you want the best, buy a Ranger.

--John H.





--TOM P.

2nd time owner

In 1990 I bought a Ranger 481V and I had very little problems with the boat (and the few I had Ranger took care of all of them). I had the boat for 8 years and sold it to my nephew, who ran it for several more years and sold it.

I bought a 2004 195VS Redfish Edition and I really love this boat. What makes Ranger Boats so good are the people that build them. I would like to tell anyone looking to buy a boat that Ranger will not forget you after the sale.

I am very particular when it comes to my boat and I can tell you that Tim and Connie from Ranger have gone out of their way to do what it takes to make me a very happy Ranger owner the 2nd time around.

--Troy C.

Boat passion

I purchased a new 2002 Ranger 185VS after owning a 1987 350V for years.

I pampered that old boat and it looked great when I sold it - for remarkably close to what I originally paid for it.

My new boat is comfortable, roomy, stable and perfect for my style of fishing. I thought that I would miss my first love but I've found the perfect fit.

Jim Doarn

--Jim D.

Ranger Boats are #1

This year I purchased my first Ranger boat. I am now the proud owner of a Ranger 520.

My 520 is the best boat I have ever owned.

When I run across Lake Erie and the lake gets rough, I know I will get back to the dock due to the quality and the safety built into a Ranger boat. I have total confidence in my Ranger boat.

I am now a Ranger owner for life.

Ranger, thanks for such a GREAT boat.

--Larry B.

518 Comanche

I love my Ranger bass boat, it is the Cadillac of all boats. It is a very durable and dependable boat. I can depend on it to start every time.

I have had it for 3 years now and it has not failed to start or run yet.

It has made me addicted to fishing. I have experienced some of my finest moments in my Comanche 518. Ranger makes the best bass boat PERIOD!!!

-Reid Harrington
14 Lebanon TN

--Reid H.
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