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Ranger R81

In Nov. 2002, I purchased my first Ranger Boat. It was a 1999 R81 with a Johnson 175.

The boat was in pretty bad shape. The hull was oxidized, the seats were trashed. You could tell that the previous owner just didn't take care of it.

Since then, I have worked with the wonderful people at Ranger to get me the parts I needed to make this boat new again.

A little time and elbow grease, and we are almost ready for the water. All we need now is Spring!

Again I want to say, "Thanks" to Charlie in the Parts Department and the other fine people at Ranger for building a great boat.


love my ranger

I bought an 18.5' Ranger with a 150 Merc (straight -6) in 1976.

In 1980 I bought a 150 v-6 Merc.

After 27 years of hard service, in the Atchafalia Basin and Toledo Bend, the boat still looks good and runs great. I have passed this boat on to my two sons.

Kenny Babin
Lafayette, La.
Phone 337-216-0127

--Kenny B.

Cannot sink a Ranger.... Even an R73!!!!!!!

My kids (worms) and I were fishing at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin when the wind was blowing in upwards of 20mph. There were 6 and 7 foot rollers. One of our buddys had a 18 foot walleye boat (different manufacturer). And we had a 1998 17 foot Ranger bass boat (R73). The guy called us and was scared because the waves were too big. But we said, "Na, let's just fish."

Then, about a minute later, I looked over and there was an 8 foot wave right next to the boat. And she crashed right on top of us and there was water everywere. Standing water on the decks but the boat did not even miss a beat. She just kept goin' like nothing happend.

And in that same trip we speard a 6 foot wave but, once again, just kept going without any trouble.

So let me just say, "I LOVE MY RANGER."

--Ray G.

Ranger 619dvs

My dad just bought a 2000 Ranger 619 DVS and we were wondering what is the boats top speed with a 200 merc on the back. Thanks for your help.

--Steve G.

Expensive mistake

I bought my 185VS in april of 02 and was very proud of my first "new" boat. I didn't have any major complaints, but there was a few things I needed Ranger to see too. I had difficulty getting Ranger to take care of the minor problems I had with the 185VS and I made the mistake of trading it for another brand of boat. Well, I really missed that 185VS. The other boat didn't fit me like that Ranger did. I called the dealer I traded with 4 weeks later and to my surprise, he still had it! To make a long story short, we came up with a deal for me to get my Ranger back, but it cost me dearly. It was a good feeling having it back home and I slept better than I had in 4 weeks!! Now Ranger, about those little problems.......

I really love my Ranger.

--Wendell M.

I Love My Ranger

My wife and I own a 1999 R-71 It's our second boat and first Ranger.

We toured the plant in Flippen, AR. about two years ago, while vacationing at Table Rock. We met several employees in the uphostery shop, fiberglass repair shop,and then went on the tour. Man, what customer friendly employees! If you ever have a chance to go on the tour, it's a must see, an E-ticket at Disney World.

I just had the honor and pleasure of meeting Forrest Wood at the Indianapolis boat show in Feb. 2003. He treated my wife and I like we had known each other for years. So with great pleasure, we have bought our second Ranger! The 2003 185VS

Tony & Tiese T.
Greenfield, IN.

--Tony T.


Thank you for your greatest Ranger boat in the world.

Keep up hard working and in the future I will still buy another Ranger boat.



Boat cover

I am interested in purchasing a new cover for my 1997 Ranger Sport R82, 18' with dual consoles. There are no "accessories" on Ranger's home page. Thank you.

--Rich N.

Can't Wait for Spring

I've done the research. For the past 12 years I have wanted to buy a Ranger bass boat.

Well, Kids, a mortgage, and car payments had to be taken care of first. But finally, I have done it. At the annual boat show in Green Bay, Wisconsin I was able to get a great deal on a new 2002 '175 with a 115 h.p. Yamaha four stroke, and the color even matches my suburban.

God has blessed my patience. I plan to take delivery May 1, unless the ice goes out on the river sooner. The pros at the show didn't have to sell very hard to get me to bite. I know that Ranger is the best.

Can't wait for spring.

Michael G.
Peshtigo, Wisconsin

--Michael G.

A Family Tradition

My father purchased a 374v in 1987. It was the demo boat they used on the TV commercials and the product brochures (we still have copies of those).

The boat was in Florida when he purchased it without actually seeing it. They delivered it at our office... talk about custormer service.

Well, I grew up fishing in that boat, until 1992 when he sold it for almost the same amount he paid for it. That is good resale value.

And then by mere chance I ran into the guy he sold it to and bought it back from him in 1997. The second owner did not even use it much.

I still own the boat and it is in great original shape for its age. I am thinking of buying a new 521 or a 205 in the next year. But then I think why do I need a new boat payment. This one is paid for and still solid as a rock.

Maybe I will be able to pass my new boat on to one of my sons (at a fair price of course).

This is my second Ranger and defintaly not my last.

--Billy B.

Lucky I was in a Ranger.

I purchased my Ranger 392V in '95. There’s no question it’s the best boat I’ve ever owned.

Living in Canada we have to deal with rough water most of the time.

There was one time I had the pleasure of fishing a tournament that had 15ft. waves. When I got back to the weigh-in at the end of the day and look around, all I saw was 15 out of the 100 teams that actually made it back. 13 out of the 15 boats were Ranger boat owners, the other two teams didn’t fish further than 100 ft. from the blastoff site.

Love my Ranger
Danny B.
Ontario, Canada

--Danny B.

I love my Ranger

I really love my 198v Ranger. I have so much fun on it. I fish a lot of tournaments.

Thanks a lot for all your hard work and keep on making those good boats.

--preston l.
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