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Hats off to Ranger

I can't say enough praise for Ranger Boats! The fit and finish are perfect! The parts department is also very impressive, called the 800 number and my parts were at my door the next day!

This is my 5th boat, this is my best boat and if I buy another boat it will be a RANGER.


Ranger Resale

I bought a new 461 ran it for 4 years and sold it for 2,500.00 less than I bought it for.

Other boats of the same year are still for sale.

Ranger resale, you bet it's important.


My Ranger 333V

I purchased my Ranger 333V brand new in 1989. To this day it still runs close to 60 mph with a Black Max 135 and I entertain no thoughts whatsoever to getting a different boat. Owning this vessel has been truely an awsom eperience. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!! I will never own any boat but a Ranger.


--Glen B.

New Boat

I bought my first Ranger in 1990. I bought another Ranger in 1995.

Last week I sold the 1995 model and bought a new 185. This 185 is absoluteley the "BEST" boat I have ever owned!!!!

--Fred W.

Factory Customer Service

I would like to commend the Repairs Deptartment.

I had a 360V refurbished in '98 and could not have asked for better service both before and after the job.

Since then I have owned a 1995 481VS and currently own a 1998 518SVS.

--Brad B.

Customer Satisfaction

We are very pleased with Ranger Boats. They stand behind their product and believe in 100% customer satisfaction.

We recently had a problem with our 2000 522DVX and Ranger's Customer Service and Service Departments made sure the problem was solved to our complete satisfaction.

This is our second Ranger Boat and we love it and will only own Ranger Boats!!! The ride and performance is #1.

Jim and Norma

--Jim B.

New Ranger 185VS

The first boat I ever owned was a Ranger. When I recently went shopping for another boat, the only question was which model, not who made it.

Ranger was the obviouse choice.

Ranger could change their name to "stability". I never worry about how my Ranger will perform. Thanks for building legends, one boat at a time.

--Randy S.

Rangers are #1

I have owned bass boats since 1972, but I bought my first Ranger in 1980. It was a 168V Comanche with a 150 Johnson. I kept this boat for 23 years and it far exceeded all of my expectations in a bass boat.

I just purchased my second Ranger, a 2003 519VX Comanche with a 200 Mercury Optimax. I just thought that my 168V was the best, but my new 519VX is absolutely the "greatest"!! I just don't see any way that Ranger can make any improvements on this boat.

I am very proud to be a Ranger owner and I will never own any other brand of boat.

--Larry D.

1977 Ranger 155 A

I recently inherited my dad's 1977 155A (he passed away in July 2003).

We had bought the boat 5 months used in 1978 because the previous owner wanted a bigger Ranger. It is a moss green metal flake with a light green hull. It is such a sharp boat. We have kept in the garage and always in immaculate shape. It has an '85 Merc w/color matching Merc decals. The original glassed in Humminbird transducer and locater unit have workd these 26 years without fail.

The boat is a little small (Lake Erie is my closest body of water) and I also have 4 boys, so I can only take a couple at a time and it gets a little crowded. I may trade up to a bigger Ranger, but it must be a Ranger!

I can hardly stand the thought of selling my boat. It is an awesome looking boat and is still in great shape. When I was 14, I wrote to Wood MFG. for some information on Rangers and they sent me a Ranger decal that I still have to this day.

Their customer service was great then and still is today. My boys have learned that Ranger is the best there is, and they love our boat, too. My ratings as a dad have jumped much higher in this rig w/his tribe.

Thanks, Forrest and Nina for all the great years in my Ranger. I'll turn 41 in a couple of weeks and hope to spend in my Ranger with my guys!

Rich in Ohio!


Ranger boats

HI! My name is Danny King from Canada ..and i just got my first Ranger bass boat.

For me it's a dream come true to own a Ranger boat. If you want the best go for a Ranger boat and you will see for yourself... Thank you FORREST WOOD!

--Danny K.

Looking To Buy A New Ranger

Dear al

In 1983 I purchased a new Ranger 350V Commanche with the "new' oil injected Merc 150 for $13,300.00!!!!

Well over the years I have survived several hair raising experiences and one major life threatening storm. Back then I swore I would never, ever buy another boat other than a Ranger.

Unfortunately, this year I was fishing on Banks Lake and blew my rebuilt Merc 150. Can you imagine my shock when I: 1) got an estimate on an engine repair/rebuild, 2) priced a new Yamaha 150hp, 3) priced a new Ranger!


I decided, after much soul searching and considering other boat models, to look around for a "new" Ranger. I found one in Spokane.

So I took a friend, for moral support, and drove nearly 300 miles to look at the boat. I also took pictures of my old 350V with me. After several hours of driving, we made it to the dealer...I saw the Ranger 195VS that I saw advertised. It was beautiful! Geez the 195VS is loaded!

Well, I was offered a fair trade-in, I'm sure it would have been better with an operating outboard for sure! I was inspired, so much so, that after I returned home I cleaned up the 350V. My gosh it looks so good! 1983???

Hopefully, if things work out, I'll be hauling my 350V to trade in and picking up a new 195VS! I'm sure the dealer will be impressed when they see the 350V in person.

The moral of this story is, well really there is none other than Ranger quality. The workmanship (craftsmanship) made a true believer of me! When I get my new promises to be one "longgggg" association. I also know that whoever gets my 350V (sob,sob,sob!) will still be getting a great boat and will make some memorable moments for themselves!

Michael Yasutake, RFL (Ranger For Life)

--Michael Y.

1987 373V

I bought my Bassmaster Classic new in 1987.

My Ranger has given me 16 years of reliable service. Although it is a little worn, I am not even thinking about replacing it. In fact, I am seriously thinking about taking it back to Ranger this winter for a makeover...

Ranger... The Standard by which all good bass boats are compared!!!

--Bob A.
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