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I did it again

A war is going on, the economy is weak, kid in college couldn't think of a better time to buy a new Ranger.

--Steve M.

1998 519DVS Comanche

I was looking for a used boat and never thought that I would have a dream come true with a Ranger. When I pull my rig out it stops traffic on whatever street I am on.

Thanks Ranger for building such a nice boat. I know why they're built one legend at a time.

--Willie P.

Sweet Redemption

My first bass boat was a 1989 370 V and I fell in love with it.

I bought the boat used from a friend of a friend and it had been garage kept and showroom clean. This boat was my pride and joy for I had spent more than my fair share of time bank fishing - wishing I owned a boat.

As time passed I found myself in financial hardship and had to let the boat go. It was still like brand new and I sold it to a fishing buddy for what was left owed.. $2,000.00 - a steal even to this day.

Well, that buddy got the boat then! I swore that some day I would own another Ranger if it killed me, and I payed my dues fishing from tubes, canoes, and aluminum boats until my day of redemption came.

My new wife and I recently bought our new 2003 175VS dual console and I am proud as a peacock. This boat rides like a dream and I can't wait to run into the ex-fishing buddy again and strut my!

Thank You Ranger.

--Robert Y.

My 2003 185DVS

I just purchased my very first Ranger boat. My very own legend.

I though about other brands and looked hard. My son, Andy, and I fell in love with Ranger from the very start. I have always dreamed of owning a Ranger boat and thanks to my wonderful wife, Esther, who after helping us look at all the other brands, said, "just go over to C&C Marine in Modesto Ca and get the boat you have always wanted." She also loves the Rangers the best, and knows I like only the best.

Therefore, there was nothing more to think about. I am waiting for my boat to be serviced and detailed as I write this message. I have 3 more days til I pick it up. I can't wait till that day when I go to heaven in my very own 2003 Ranger 185DVS.

Yea Baby!!!! More to come...

--Jesse P.

Ranger 2300 Bay

I'm not only pleased with the styling of my Ranger but many others are as well. I have had several other boats but have never had the amount of people commenting how much they like my new boat.

My annual FL. vacation is one that works a boat hard for 2 weeks of fishing every day, in the bays, river and at times in the Gulf. It handled easily, stayed dry and comfortable.

Thanks for a great product.

Paul S., VP
American Fabricators
Nashville, TN.

--Paul S.

Dreams Do Come True

My first experience in a Ranger was 15 years ago. The boat was my friends. I have been in many different bass boats since then and nothing has compared.

From that moment on, I wanted one. Well today, March 29 2003, I have my first Ranger. There is a brand new 2003 520DVX 35th Anniversary edition boat sitting in the driveway. It is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

I want to thank Bobby, at Bill's Marine in Portsmouth Va., for making the purchase of this boat so easy. And I want to thank Ranger for making not only a great looking boat, but the perfect boat.

My dream came true.

Thanks. Keith

--Keith W.

1989 357V

Four years ago I was shopping for a used bass boat. I never dreamed I would find one built this solid and built to last!

I should have bought a Ranger a long time ago!


Three Rangers

I just wanted to say this is my third ranger and by far they are the best. They are the most solid and well built boat I have ever owned. I have owned 7 boats in my lifetime and three have been Rangers.

I started with a 397 Fish 'n Ski. It was great, but as my family got older, fishing became our main emphasis plus we hit some real waves on Leech Lake and got wet. I got a 681T, and it handled Leech much better. It was solid like all Rangers. I just recently bought its big brother, a 2001 620 Ranger Fisherman.

It will be my last boat until I retire. I am only 42. It is Great!! I am a Walleye Fisherman and it handles everything I put it to. I feel very safe on the water.

Mark A.

--Mark A.

520 SVX

I have never ridden in a boat that performed equally as well as a "C" boat until I rode in a 520. I was so impressed, I bought one and am still delighted with my purchase evertime I get to take it out.

Thank you and good fishing,


--Cary A.

I love my ranger

I have a 1988 Ranger 350V and love it. It still performs at a very high level everytime out. I would love to have a new Ranger. But everytime I get serious, I walk out in my garage and take one look at my old buddy. And that's the end of that.

It's amazing how well my Ranger has held up over the years. Everything on it is original.

Forrest, they don't have anything on you, my friend.

--Randy R.

I love my Ranger

When I purchased my first bass boat, I wouldn't settle for second best. I had to own a Ranger.

This decision has been a very smart one, since now I am fishing federation tournaments across the mid-west.

The boat performs flawlessly and has become my best fishing partner. I have been caught in some wild storms and made it in (floating) when others weren't so lucky.

Own the best and laugh at the rest, own and love a Ranger. I do. A 1995 R 72

--Tom P.

Quality Personal Time

I purchased a new Ranger 195 DVS with a Yamaha 200 HPDI December of 2002, and the break-in period is over.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is quality time. I just bought a second home on Lake Fork in Texas which is known for it's quality lunkers and, unfortunately, stumps.

I was nervous with my new pride and joy. My brother-in-law and myself fished the entire March 22, 23, 24 weekend and did experience several stumps while learning the cuts and coves.

My brother-in-law ownes a Ranger and told me, "Don't worry. That's why I told you Ranger is the only choice for the type of fishing your going to do."

While trolling through a stump mind field we got stuck on a stump that the trolling motor just would not free us from. I'm in my brand new boat and Mark said, "Fire up the big motor and throw it in reverse." With a crazy look on my face I said, "We're in my boat now and your out of your mind."

Quote from Mark "Your not in a "S" or a "BC" boat. Get us out of here. Walt, on the way home, look at the fiberglass shop with no Rangers in it. Rangers are built for lakes like Fork".

The rest of the day was relaxed, safe, and confident. The way I feel in this boat going 65 mph with my glasses pined up against my face is unexplainable. It's a release like no other. For those of you in the beginning of the season, in a decision making mode, don't make the mistake of saving a few bucks on brand X. When, in a Ranger, you will feel like a million. Besides feeling like a million take a look at your boat trader, there is a reason Rangers hold their value longer.

Forrest when in Texas call me. I owe you a great day out on Lake Fork and a cold drink at the end of the day for your quality and craftmanship.

Walter C.

--Cole 1.
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