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My R82

I bought my R82 new in 1998. It had been a life long dream of mine to own a Ranger.

I can honestly say I haven't been dissapointed.

The ride and handling is superb. The 150 EFI Merc has been problem free. It is just a pleasure to fish out of my Ranger. It is very seldom that I spend a day on the water without someone complimenting me on my boat.

Keep up the good work,
Bob Anderson

--Bob A.

Dreams due come true

I met Forrest L. Wood in 1994 at the Superstars tournament in Illinois. He is the nicest and most down to earth fellow you could ever meet. I started fishing tournaments back then and was dreaming about the day I would own a Ranger.

I met Forrest L. Wood again in 2002 at Lake Monroe in Indiana. He was more than willing to sign autographs and talk.

My dream came true on January 20,2003 when I bought my first Ranger. It is a 1994 364 V, and it is Awsome!

A great big THANK YOU to my wife for helping with my dream, and to Forrest for an AWESOME bass boat. Thanks to God for all the blessings we receive every day.

Brent Cripe
Walton, Indiana

--Brent C.

Best Boat on the water!!!

A storm was coming, and my friend and I headed for the dock, the water was rough,(about 8 ft. swells) and we made it back safe. Thank you, Ranger for making such a safe bass boat.

Jon Coles
Ashland City, Tn.

--Jon C.

My 2001 Ranger 518

Ranger Boats,

Last May, I purchased my third Ranger Boat, a 518. I fish bass tournaments around the central part of the country which includes Missouri to Texas. The weather is always there and I can't pick and choose which days I want to be on the water.

My 518 is the perfect boat for all of my fishing experiences including rough water, large boat wakes, and getting back in to good bass territory on shallow stump laden flats.

My boat carries a spare prop, spare trolling motor and all of my equipment, as well as my partners. It fishes low to the water not to catch the wind but, shallow enough not to catch on the stumps like some other boats do.

I am very satisfied with my third Ranger Boat purchase and will continue to fish out of a Ranger.

Yours For Better Fishin,
Mike Boyles

--Mike B.

my baby

I acquired my first Ranger boat 3 years ago. It is a 1985 Ranger 320v with a 115 horse Johnson outboard. I acquired it from an elderly gentleman who kept it under cover and also in the garage.

I went boat hunting one day with 2 buddies of mine and we came across this boat, thinking it was not the boat for sale.

I asked the gentleman if he had a boat for sale and he said he had 2. First he showed me an aluminun fishing boat, then he said, "I have a Ranger in the garage if you wanna take a look." I said, "Ok."

He took us to his garage and uncovered the boat. Man, the look on my face was worth a 1000 words. I asked him, "Are you sure you're selling this boat," and he said, "Yes." My buddies told me if I didn't buy it they were.

Well I own the boat, but they do fish with me on a regular basis.

I love my Ranger and always will. My grandfather (God rest his soul) got me started fishing and always owned Rangers. I guess I followed in his footsteps.

Thanks Pop, I love you, I'm glad you introduced me to Ranger boats at such a young age. Forrest, you have a great product. Keep up the good work.

A die-hard Ranger fan,
Alan Geren

--alan g.

1988 364v

I bought my 1988 Ranger 364V, used, back in 1994.

I have never rode in a boat that keeps you dry like my Ranger does. It seems like the rougher the water the better it rides and controls.

I have fished with other guys who have new boats but I love the room my Ranger has and it's fishability is unmatched!

Keep up the good work!!!

John Webb

--John W.


I just bought a 2003 521 and it is the best boat built.

Also your service is the best.

Thanks again!
Jeff Clayton

Also a special thanks to Greg Hopper!

--jeff c.

361 V

I recently purchased a 1992 361V. It is, without a doubt, the best bass boat I have ever owned.

I have the peace of mind knowing I can take my wife and kids out and they will have a safe, fun and dry boating experience.

Just wanted to say, "thanks" to everyone at Ranger for all the hard work you put into your boats.


My Ranger

In 1998 I purchased a Ranger 482 Dual Con. Ranger with a Merc 150 (rated 175 but BASS had not raised the horsepower yet). That was one of my best days of my life. In ruff water, smooth water or everything inbetween I always felt dry and comfortable in my Ranger.

Although due to the downfall of my company I have not been able to keep my Ranger. Of all the things I have lost, or given up, that is the one thing I miss most.

I no longer have the ride, the freedom, the comfort or prestiege of driving a Ranger.

Yes, there are other boats out there and yes they are great boats but I have never rode in a boat that even comes close to the ride of a Ranger. I never worried about chine walking or control issues. I could take my hands off the wheel at 60 and it would ride just as straight as it did when I had a hold of the wheel (I never recommend those actions but I do know it works and the ride is that controlled).

I have nothing but great things to say about Ranger.


--Lonnie L.

My Ranger Boat

I'm so excited I can't stand it!!...

Finally purchased my first Ranger Boat 01/11/03. It's a 1991 361V with a 150 Johnson Fast Strike. Been looking forward to owning one for years and finally my dream has come true!

The boat is excellent condition inside and out. For being 12 years old it's almost showroom condition.

The only bad part of this whole deal is I'll have to wait a few months before I can get her out on the water.

Being located in NW Ohio, it's really not ideal weather to take her for a ride.

Don't know if I can stand waiting for Spring to get here!

I have looked at several other bass boats over the last few months and made my mind up, if I'm going with top of the line quality, Ranger is NO. 1.....

I'm going to need a new pair of shoes before Spring, I'll wear these out walking around in circles admiring my Ranger.

Thanks Forrest L. Wood for making my dream boat 12 years ago....

Best Regards,
Tom Martin

--Thomas M.


I thought that I would send a short note to follow up on an earlier letter.

I have taken delivery of my new 2003 Ranger 185DVS. Man, what a boat!

After owning boats for over 15 years, I can honestly say that this is the best boat yet. Plenty of room; comfortable, safe ride and great looks. Just about everywhere I go, people express "what a beautiful boat".

I went to the Fort Worth boat show last weekend with the hopes of introducing myself to Mr. Wood, as he was scheduled to be at the Fun-N-Sun display. Sorry to say that our paths didn't get to cross.

It's nice to know that the owner of such a fine company as Ranger takes the time to make personal appearances at events like this.

Thanks to all at Ranger for building a wonderful boat and to Ranger dealers like Fun-N-Sun .....

--Steve A.

95 Ranger 391V

It's been almost three years now since I bought my first Ranger used from a member of my bass club. I wish I had bought one when I bought my first boat.

My son and I enjoy the comfort of this boat almost every weekend. This boat still looks like new and has the best ride I've ever had in any of your competitors boats. My son and I thank you for building a great boat.

If I'm ever fortunate enough to buy another boat it will be a Ranger.

Bernie P.
Gloster, La.

--Bernie P.
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